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Top 5 commodities

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The biggest gold producing countries are China, Australia, Canada and the biggest consumer of Gold in India. Commodities have become an attractive investment option for investors, as it helps in building a well-balanced investment portfolio. Furthermore, depending on the traders, there are different ways to invest in commodities , with commodity futures contracts being the most popular method.

To trade in the best commodities in India for , open a Samco Demat and trading account and get access to the best commodities to trade. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Just write the bank account number and sign in the application form to authorise your bank to make payment in case of allotment. No worries for refund as the money remains in investor's account.

Types of commodities Best 5 commodities for trading in India. What are Commodities? Types of Commodities Today, commodities are mainly grouped into four major sectors. Agriculture : Spices, grain, pulses, oil and oilseeds. Metals: Silver, platinum and gold. Energy: Natural gas, Brent crude, crude oil, thermal coal.

Livestock and meat: Eggs, feeder cattle. Metal and energy are widely traded in the commodity market. According to the above types of commodities, 5 commodities are considered to be the top commodities to trade based on: Their traded volumes Liquidity Demand and supply effect The overall price movements of the commodity. Share this article.

Tagged: best commodities to invest in best commodity to trade in India commodities to trade Commodity Market Commodity Trading Top commodities to trade. Disaster Resource Center. An official website of the United States government. Have a Question? What are Iowa's top five agricultural commodities?

Information Knowledge Article. The top 5 agricultural commodities in Iowa, in terms of the value of cash receipts, are corn, hogs, soybeans, cattle and calves, and dairy products. For more information go to: Iowa's State Data. Related Information Title. URL Name.

Related Articles Are there restrictions on bringing back food and agricultural items from Hawaii to the continental United States? I wish to import United States agricultural products or commodities to my country. Where can I get information? What is the National Agricultural Library?

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The market prices for metals including copper and aluminum have soared to all-time highs. The demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy has also shot through the roof. Copper has proven to be one of the top-performing commodities in Copper is a key material used in a host of industrial products such as construction materials and electrical equipment.

As a key component in electrical wires, copper is considered a strong catalyst of bullish sentiment. Electric vehicles and renewable energy sources use copper wiring abundantly. Prices of Arabica coffee have staged rallies since March, hitting their highest points since in June With Brazil experiencing an unprecedented drought, many investors are questioning the availability of the supply. Extreme droughts that lead to low soil moisture could have an impact on the crop of arabica coffee.

As demand grows and supply diminishes, market prices continue to surge. Most Wall Street analysts remain bullish on the price forecasts for arabica coffee in the short term and long term. The gradual lifting of lockdowns gave crude oil prices a much-needed boost as tourism and hospitality sectors came out of hibernation.

Global travel is forecast to drive the demand for fuel even further by the end of the year. Grain market prices have jumped in the last few months following a correction in the second quarter of The harsh weather conditions in Brazil and the US have a direct impact on supplies. The market of commodity trading deals only with physical goods. This kind of trading is a computer-based trading where commodity brokers and commodity trading companies take position or own an asset, as per the current commodity prices along with the forecasted economic trends of commodity price and commodity future in the market.

This forecast based market asserts oil and gold as the most traded commodities by value. There are certain more commodities that can be regarded as the most profitable commodities. Check out our list of top traded commodities in world. Considering its ever-global demand and the rate at which its consumption is increasing to fulfill the ever-rising energy need, the commodity is no less than gold.

Since this mixture of hydrocarbons is a type of non-renewable energy resources it is one of the most expensive commodities which stands on number one position in the list of top traded commodities. That soothing aroma of coffee! Just like others, you too must be a lover of coffee. Statistics say that approximately 2. And it is this ever-increasing fondness for coffee that makes it the second most traded commodity in the world.

Natural gas, being the principal source of energy for day to day activities, finds a significant place in commodity exchange. When the world is running towards pollution-free fuel, this mixture of hydrocarbons and methane serves as the cleanest fossil fuel and hence no doubt, why it finds a place in the top 3 most traded commodities. In fact, this precious metal decides the economy of any country.

Being a subject of such great importance, there is no surprise that it cements its position as one of the best commodities to be traded. Also, India being the largest consumer of gold in the world opens a wide scope for its future trading.

Bent oil is the second most traded oil after crude oil and holds an eminent position in the most traded commodities by volume as well as by value. Also, very few know that Brent oil with 0. It serves as the benchmark for classifying other oils i. Found in North Sea, it is massively consumed by Europe and Africa. Being an excellent thermal and electrical conductor, silver finds a number of applications in electrical and electronic industries.

Due to its antibiotic properties it is also of great importance in medical industries. Besides this, history speaks that it has been a source of stability in investment portfolios. Though it once stood as the number one commodity to be traded, it still maintains a good position among the top 10 traded commodities in world. This is enough to tell why Sugar stands as the one most traded commodity in world. Thus, if you are planning to get into commodity trading, sugar is surely the best commodity to trade.

The versatility of this crop is the major reason for which it is the most cultivated crop in the world. Since the two types of crops, sweet corn and field corn find great value for human consumption and industrial purposes respectively, the huge consumption marks its position in the top 10 commodities in world.

It is also known as the staple food for various states. From pasta and noodles to bread, cakes and sweets wheat is used in many types of food items. Cotton is the first discovered natural fiber that has been cultivated in India for years. Thus, it always comes with monetary profit when traded as a commodity.

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Brent crude (oil). WTI crude (oil). A list of the most traded commodities. Top 10 commodities include oil, coffee, Natural gas, Gold, Wheat, Cotton, Corn, Sugar, Silver, Copper.