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When choosing a forex course there is so much to consider, from the strategies, to course structure, to mentor track record and even the community. We have compiled a simple but comprehensive list of the worlds leading forex trading courses. Trading Masterclass, ran by Irek Piekarski and Jonny Godfrey, has taken the industry by storm over the last few years. To find out more, have a read volatility indicator forex our full in-depth reviewbreaking down everything you need to know about Trading Masterclass.

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Ytfx forex trading

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Please read the full Risk Disclosure. Deposit Options. HotForex Spreads Comparison. Member of HF Markets Group. Toggle navigation. Physical stocks with zero commission! Multiple Bonus Offerings Boost your trading! Previous Next.

Open Live Account. Open Demo Account. Security of Funds:. Diversify your trading portfolio. HF mobile App Financial markets and your HotForex account are in the palm of your hand with the HF app: use it to help you understand the markets with trading tools and the latest news, updates, and financial analysis. Winner of over 60 Industry Awards.

Please try again or proceed as a guest. Account Email:. First Name:. Last Name:. Phone Number:. I have read and accepted the privacy policy. Hello How can we help you today? Please select. Thank you for contacting us! Our Live Chat is currently not available. This is confirmed by customer reviews. There is only one scheme - the client transfers the money, and the managers take the money. YouTradeFX analyst leaked my account in 30 minutes. When I saw this, my condition was beyond words They merged me very simply.

This happened on the same day when I deposited the last amount to my account, and said that I would not deposit money in the near future, after which the YouTradeFX analyst opened a deal that brought my account to zero in 30 minutes. If you have an account there, the FPA recommends that you attempt to withdraw your funds immediately.

I've been with YoutradeFX for a year now. Ive tried to call them and emailed them, no response over a week. Wanted to withdraw some funds, but I guess they are all lost now. My guess is they are still accepting deposits so they can get as much money as possible. We constantly monitor the Internet for the emergence of new fraudulent schemes to deceive traders. We have been collecting data about scam brokers for more than 10 years and we think we know every dishonest company in the market.

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Updated: January 14, Olga Shendetskaya Reviewed by Editor. Anton Kharitonov Author at Traders Union. Anton Kharitonov is a trader and financial market analyst with over 20 years of experience. In he completed an educational course under the Total Maintenance Management international program in Stockholm, Sweden. Since , he has been supervising several Forex Telegram channels providing signals. Reviewed by Olga Shendetskaya Editor. Olga Shendetskaya Author and editor at Traders Union.

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THB: Thailand Baht. CZK: Czech Koruna. HUF: Hungarian Forint. SKK: Slovakian Koruna. EEK: Estonian Kroon. BGN: Bulgarian Leva. PLN: Polish Zloty. ISK: Iceland Krona. HRK: Croatian Kuna. LTL: Lithuanian Litas. JOD: Jordanian Dinar. OMR: Omani Rial. RSD: Serbian Dinar. TND: Tunisian Dinar. How long does it take before the deposited money is credited to my live account?

In case you deposit funds using a wire transfer, it might take longer for the transaction to be completed depending on the terms and conditions of your local bank. How can I withdraw money from my live account with JFD? Bank remittance It's quite simple to withdraw your funds using a bank wire transfer. Nuvei: Credit Standard: Payback on amount which equals or is less than the deposits made online.

How long does it take for my money to be paid out? Withdrawals to a German bank will be credited to your account within 2 - 3 working days. Withdrawals to a European bank usually require 3 - 5 working days to be credited. Withdrawals to banks outside Europe usually need 4 - 7 working days before they are credited to your account.

Withdrawals using Nuvei's Standard Credit for withdrawals which are equal or less than your initial online deposit will be credited within 2 -3 working days. Withdrawals using Nuvei's Extra Credit for withdrawals which are higher than your initial online deposit will be credited within working days. Withdrawals using online payment provider SOFORT will be credited within business working days from receiving the withdrawal request.

Are there any charges for wire transfer incoming payments and withdrawals? For more information, please check out our Payment Methods. I would like to use your online payment solutions. How can I do this? Which online payment options are available to fund my account? I do not remember my password. How can I get a new one? If you have forgotten the password for your trading account, please send a request to support jfdbrokers. What is the minimum deposit I can transfer online?

There is a minimum initial deposit of units in the base currency of your JFD account. What is the maximum deposit I can transfer online? How safe is the online payment? What fees will I be charged when using the online payment solutions? Please find below detailed information regarding the fees you will be charged for online deposits and withdrawals: Nuvei. Charges for Deposits:. Example: Amount deposited.

Charges for Withdrawals:. Transaction Fee. Charges for Withdrawals: Percentage Fee. Example: Amount withdrawn. What is MetaTrader 5? Comprehensive chart module with numerous technical analysis options. Setting of price alerts. Unfortunately, you cannot. A processor that supports SSE2 instruction sets is also required for operation. Other hardware requirements depend on what instruments and EAs you are going to use. Sell limit. Buy stop. Sell stop. Buy Stop Limit. Sell Stop Limit. Stop loss.

Take profit. Trailing Stop. The pending order is stored on our servers and remains active and will be executed as soon as the market reaches the relevant price. You can download it for free here. What is MetaTrader4? What is an Expert Advisor EA? Expert Advisors are automated trading systems based on the MQL programming language.

For example, EAs are able to execute entire trading strategies completely independently. It is very important to note that an EA will only operate when the platform is open. If the platform is closed this will turn off the EA. If you want to ensure that your EAs are continuously running, independent of your computer and internet connection, we offer a VPS solution.

How can I program EAs? To create your own EAs automatic trading systems and indicators, you need to use the programming software included in the platform called MetaEditor. This software provides an appropriate integrated programming environment, from which you can develop your own EAs. How can I have an EA trading on my live account? If, after careful consideration, you have decided to let an EA trade on your JFD live account, you have to proceed as follows: The EA must be saved in the correct folder.

After any new EA or Indicator is added to the platform it will be required to close and restart the platform to make the new tool visible. Open the Navigation window and pull drag and drop the EA onto the chart. To turn on the EA please click the Expert Advisor button which appears in the upper section of the platform. You should now be able to see a 'smiley' face in the top right-hand part of the chart which means that the EA is now running.

What is a custom indicator? A custom indicator can be any indicator that was developed and programmed for use with the MT4 platform using MetaEditor, and the MQL programming language. Indicators are used as informational tools for trading, and each indicator can be used for a different purpose. FAQ Guidants. Is it possible to trade directly in Guidants through my JFD account?

In Guidants, you can not only observe, analyse and discuss the market, but you can also trade live - an option which is available for all JFD clients. You can use your existing JFD account directly to access the Guidants platform. Where can I see the commission charged? Where can I find the swap rate?

The best way to see the current swap rate is to go to the widget Product Information Produktinformationen. How safe are the login details of my live account when I log in through this web-based platform? The entry of the login credentials takes place on a SSL encrypted version of Guidants. An agreement to the Terms and Conditions is required. However, your personal information is not stored on Guidants.

All sensitive data pertaining to your account is held exclusively with JFD. Is the pricing on Guidants in real time and how can I switch to real-time quotes? The quotes are available by default in real time. This can be verified with the Real-Time button, which should be lit up in green. The button can be found in the left navigation bar just below the gear icon bottom left of the screen. If you want to disconnect from the real-time quotes and to receive exchange courses with a 15 minute delay, then simply click on the Real-Time button.

The red light will indicate the delayed quotes. To actively use Guidants, you need to be a BasicMember , which is free. With Guidiants PRO you have a few added benefits, such as increased storage capacities, access to additional widgets, and more. What is the Guidants Market? The Guidants Market is the central page, from where you can load a widget or a desktop. There, as well as on our Guidants User Guide you can find a review of all widgets and the different pre-set Desktops with short descriptions detailed descriptions of all widgets can be found in our Guidants User Guide.

Which browsers support Guidants? In order to guarantee proper functioning of the platform, please make sure that you have the latest version of your browser installed. How do I load and display a widget? Click on the icon showing the small monitor in the top menu bar. This will open a new, blank desktop. Now click the Market button to open the Guidants Market. The Guidants Market menu is located on the left side. Click on Widget to get an overview of all widgets. Now select those widgets which you want to load onto your desktop.

Repeat this process for each widget you want to load. For some widgets you still need to determine the value to be displayed in the widget. This opens an input window, into which you enter the desired value or its initial letter. How do I create a set? After you have loaded your desired widgets on your Desktop, you can connect them by grouping them into a set. To do this choose the same colour in the lower left corner of each widget. If you want to have more than one colour-coded set please use another colour for your next group of connected widgets.

Where do I find my Desktops? All your own customised Desktops are stored in the sidebar under the screen icon. Click on the desired Desktop to open it. Can I change the background color of the chart widget? No, this is not possible as the colour of the chart adjusts automatically to either the light or the dark theme of Guidants. However, it is possible to create a standard template for the chart. This template will also save your preferred selected background colour from a choice of only black or white.

To find out how to save a default template, please refer to our Guidants User Guide. Should you have any other questions, please contact our friendly and very experienced Client Service to assist you in using the Guidants platform. How can I download Guidants?

The Guidants platform is only web based, so you do not need to download or install any files. Once your registration process is complete, you will receive an email containing the link for the Guidants Platform. Can I use Guidants on a Mac? FAQ licences and regulations. What regulating authority is licensing and regulating JFD? JFD is a leading Group of Companies offering financial and investment services and activities. FAQ StereoTrader. What is StereoTrader?

StereoTrader supports both manual and automated trading, and offers true one-click-speed of execution, with more than 30 different commands available. New visuals, different layout, and a plethora of new features and commands will become available to you. Those include four trading modes, more than 30 one-click trading commands, history trading, strategic orders, unique order types, isolated strategies, and more. Is there a StereoTrader User Guide? Yes, there is.

You can download the official StereoTrader User Guide by clicking here. Do I need to open an additional account to use StereoTrader? You can do that while using your already existing JFD account. How can I download StereoTrader? You can download StereoTrader by clicking here. How much does the licence for StereoTrader cost?

Purchasing a licence for StereoTrader will cost you The amount will be automatically deducted from your trading account every month, on the date you first got your licence for the add-on. For example, if you get your licence on 20th August, your next charge will be on 20th September. How can I purchase a licence for StereoTrader? Upon completing the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email containing a download link for the add-on, the official StereoTrader user guide, and lots of other helpful information.

How do I install StereoTrader? Download StereoTrader. How do I apply the StereoTrader licence I just purchased? Once you have purchased your StereoTrader licence through MyJFD, it will be automatically activated for the accounts you have chosen.

If you are getting a message stating that you do not have a licence yet, immediately Contact our Customer Support team. They will be able to fix the issue in no time. Is there a mobile version of StereoTrader?

No, StereoTrader does not have a mobile version. If StereoTrader is active on your desktop while you use the mobile app, it will manage your positions as if they were opened using StereoTrader. The same applies for closed or other positions. Can StereoTrader be used as a stand-alone application? However, once you install StereoTrader, the whole trading process will be taken over by the add-on.

One licence can be applied to as many of your active JFD accounts as you would like, with no changes to the price. You can select which accounts to activate the licence for as part of the purchasing process. Also, if you want to add more accounts later, you can do it by sending your request to our Customer Support team. Compare the features and functionalities of our trading accounts with the Platform Comparison Table. New to trading? Get to grips with the basics of FX trading with our free interactive trading course.

Informative and detailed articles on various aspects of Forex trading. Estimate your trading costs and required margins with the online calculators. Automate your trading strategies with low latency Equinix virtual private server from Beeks FX.

Stay on top of upcoming economic events and the latest data figures. The foreign exchange market FX as a whole, consists of many types of markets, including Spot FX, Future derivatives, Forward Derivatives, and finally the CFD derivatives market, which is the most popular for retail clients. The FX CFD derivatives market is made up of buyers and sellers, the main participants being large international banks, who place orders via electronic trading systems.

This market is traded OTC not traded on any regulated exchange and as such there is no uniform price but each of the main international banks is providing its own quotes with the spot market acting as the point of reference for the quotes provided. It is worth mentioning that the spot FX market is also an OTC market dominated by the large international banks.

In forex trading, spot price of a currency pair is influenced by several factors, such as the economic outlook and geopolitical events in that region, as well as news data releases which may be perceived positively or negatively by the market. Contracts for difference CFDs , allow traders to buy go long or sell go short , and make profit or loss from price movements, without having to physically purchase and exchange the underlying currency.

FX is quoted in pairs, with each representing a global currency or economy. To put it simply, traders would go long if they believe that the base currency will rise in value against the term currency and would profit from an increase in price. This pip value is used to determine the PnL profit or loss , based on how many pips you gain or lose in a trade, and is also used to display spread the difference between the bid and ask prices.

In FX currency trading, fractional pricing allows us to offer tighter spreads and provide more accurate pricing. Diversify your investment portfolio by trading CFDs on more than just Forex. EN English. Create Live Account.

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Cryptocurrency trading is getting popular day by. The virtual money designed to act as a medium for financial cryptocurrency transactions is Read more. YoutradeFX allows traders to trade with expert advisors, indicators and other great features on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This gives you the ability to. Find out if this FX broker offers anything that makes it a good A YouTradeFX trading account starts from a minimum deposit of $