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Forex trading competition 2015 moscow myopic loss aversion investing example

Forex trading competition 2015 moscow

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In our case, the price and OI do not go up and do not go down. What happens? Are there ideas how to interpret such a market? Limit orders for selling did not let it go up and served as a ceiling, which the price could not break. The ceiling withstood. Sellers became more active from — they opened new short positions, increasing the OI analyzer sell. Unfortunate buyers rushed to close out-of-the-money longs, decreasing the OI analyzer buy and pushed the price down even more.

As well, you can adjust various types of display of the OI analyzer in ATAS — this is handy when analyzing a footprint. Dynamic levels — shows movement of maximum volumes and Value Area in real time. Cluster statistic — shows statistics, adjusted by a trader, for each bar in the cluster mode.

Try ATAS free of charge and try to read dynamics of the fight between buyers and sellers from the chart as it is evolving right before your eyes. Big trades is the second unique indicator from a vast ATAS arsenal, which we will consider in this article.

This indicator monitors and displays aggressive market transactions fixed immediately in big volume. The settings allow selection of filters not only by volume, but also by delta, bids, asks and time. These trades could be combined by different prices, since the aggregation mode is on. Trades of major sellers are highlighted red and buyers — green. The bigger a square is the bigger a trade was. Major sales and purchases took place at and, judging by the negative delta, the sellers won.

A major buyer appeared at Did someone decide to buy cheaper? OI analyzer sell goes down, which means that the sellers close short positions — they buy back the contracts sold earlier. There was a major buying, but this is not appearance of a new buyer, just anxious sellers fixed the profit, which is confirmed by the further decrease of the price. A major selling took place at and the price tested levels from until and tested both sellers and buyers.

The sellers pushed the price again and sent it even more down. New major sales took place at and The Moscow Exchange is a serious centralized platform for traders. That is why you will need to try hard to get RUB 1. This refers to a popular competition — The Best Private Investor. The Moscow Exchange holds this competition annually from In this competition, actual traders compete to make high yield during two months from October 21 until December There are 8 nominations in total — the best active trader of , the best RTS index futures trader and others.

The grand prize is RUB 1. In order to take part in this competition, you need to submit your application through your broker and to have minimum RUB thousand on your trading account. More than 3 thousand traders participated in this competition in Do you want to take part in the next competition? You need a competitive advantage in order to execute trades faster and to analyze more accurately.

Master the ATAS platform. This trading and analytical platform has everything required to increase your chances for success in the next competition. The competition web site is www. Your Registration was successful. The login credentials have been sent to your e-mail. You already have access to the ATAS platform. Please use the login you have previously been provided.

You already have full access to the ATAS platform which supports this challenge. Please use the login credentials you have previously been. The Moscow Exchange started in As of the beginning of , the Moscow Exchange takes: 2 nd place among all world exchanges in bond trading; 5 th place in derivatives trading; 25 th place in trading turnover. There are several markets depending on what is traded: Currency market Stock market Forward market Monetary market Commodity market. Let us consider the basic markets — currency, forward and stock — in more detail.

Currency market of the Moscow Exchange. Parameters of the currency market: Trading time: — Withdrawal of funds. Restrictions and charges. A minimum lot is units. Exchange commissions, broker commissions, which depend on turnover and additional commission for trades of up to 50 lots.

Credit leverage. Brokers provide a credit leverage of up to for extra payment when trades are postponed to the next day. The Moscow Exchange — the stock market. As such, it could be divided into two major sections: the stock and stock shares market. Stocks of Russian and foreign companies and investment shares are traded here. Parameters of the stock market: trading time : Settlements and delivery on municipal and corporate bonds take place immediately — this mode is called T0.

Partial depositing takes place at the moment of trade execution and the major part of the payment is written off on the second day. Brokers make a decision about the size of credit leverage for various securities.

Restrictions and charges: exchange commissions, broker commissions, which depend on turnover, depository charges and payment for marginal lending. Brokers provide credit leverage for extra payment. Using own funds one can buy times more contracts without loans. Detailed information about the forward market is on the web site of the exchange.

Trading session is a period during which participants are trading. Crude Oil futures contract on oil with the average daily turnover for October being 1. If compared with the forward market of the Moscow Exchange, CME has the following specific features: high cost of contracts.

Risks are higher. Traders need more money to start trading. But not many brokers that work with Russian traders. There is no centralized counterparty that regulates and controls fulfilment of commitments. A trader every time trades against a company and not against another trader. There is no information about the volume and open interest, since it is not a centralized exchange.

Many dishonest brokers. Information about currency trading is provided to many people, but the quality of this information is not objective. More often, it emphasizes advantages of the company, which advertises itself. ATAS is such a platform. The ATAS trading and analytical platform has: 68 indicators; 25 variants of footprint display; 15 variants of adjustable charts.

What do we need all this for? We chose two indicators, which are not available in Quik, MT and other platforms, to give you a practical answer to this question: OI Analyzer Big Trades. Open interest differs from volume, since the volume takes into account a general number of contracts or value of such contracts , which changed owners during a certain period of time.

Open interest differs from delta, since the delta shows predominance of buyers or sellers. OI analyzer will help us to understand the market situation. Indicator readings reveal the following story. Such an assumption about what actually happened looks very trustworthy. This chart shows two more indicators — Dynamic levels and Cluster Statistic.

What are these instruments? The cluster display of a futures contract on MICEX index MXZ8 and OI analyzer, Dynamic levels and Cluster statistic indicators make the market situation clear: at we can see closing of old short contracts, and not an effort to push the price down; the market comes to balance at — a bell-shaped form of the bar testifies to it; the buyers take the price under control at and open new long positions.

The sellers close old short contracts; the sellers become active again at and they tempt those buyers into a trap who do not understand why the price does not go up when they are buying so actively. The price is beyond VAH. Big Trades Indicator. Try ATAS free of charge. Test Big Trades in your market in action. The Moscow Exchange organizes and regulates trades, controls pricing and does not allow price manipulation.

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Forex chart for the website Only companies that meet the following requirements can be nominated and awarded: good reputation on the financial market, strict compliance with Russian legislation in financial markets and zero claims from their regulator, financial supervision authorities or tax authorities. This cookie allows you to track the user when synchronizing identifiers across forex indicator goodtrade Microsoft domains. This information is used to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising on websites. Master the ATAS platform. On 20 DecemberMasterforex-V Academy closed an open vote it had held for a year and published a list of winners in each nomination. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies.
Forex trading competition 2015 moscow There is no information about the volume and open interest, since it is not a centralized exchange. It is currently the number one non-governmental institution awarding prizes for the quality of company management. Crude Oil futures contract on oil with the average daily turnover for October being 1. If compared with the forward market of the Moscow Exchange, CME has the following specific features:. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet.

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Open real account. Forex trading competition ex-winners Contest rules Open account. Q Forex rates Contact. Contest rules Open account. CHumilin Vyacheslav. Valentina Starichenkova. Anzor Bisultanov. Nkosingiphile Zulu. Yagshibay Jabbarov. Sergey Sadovnikov. Vyacheslav Kochetkov. Vyacheslav Grudnev. Vladimir Alekseenko. Viktoriya Ovsyannikova. Smolkov Dmitriy. Narina CHumilina. Mojtaba Chegini. Sasha Rizhkov. Ekaterina Pihtereva. Mathias Tshuma. Muhammad Amin. Aleksej Samarin. Evgenij Komar.

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