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Lowes veteran vest

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Yep time to ignore Lowes Poor service, they can have their military discount as you had to put it online with information they did not need to know Their would is expensive, warped and not straight All good wood goes to Japan and Korea, ask the inspectors in Canada and Toseburg Forest Products.

So the Depot sucks too! Home depot has made the same changes to their military discounts. I no longer have an incentive to go there. I soon found out my Military account no longer existed and was told by customer service the MVP Account negated the military account. Three days of phone calls, store visits to fix the problem and my Military discount remains a thing of the past. Bout time they get rid of this crap i mean not giving the other hand a discount! Meaning the ppl that built the roads to come to your store or the ppl that pay taxes and keep your store open.

There are plenty of coupons out there you can get. Very well said.. And thank you for standing up for us veterans. I think every store should give veterans. First responders. In places like Washington state sales tax is Just Remeber those veterans and military personnel is the reason you were able to build those roads and be able to have that store in this free country. You certainly are disrespecting our military veterans, putting yourself on par with people who have made great sacrifice for their country some of whom have come home less than whole physically and or mentally.

Capitalism has joined the government. Have torn up my card. Home Depot is too damn liberal and P. Off to smaller hardware store. Ace is a better place to shop. Get gift card from amount spent over time. Store will order items for you from warehouse. Besides that they are robbing the public every day lumber is thru the roof then they raised prices on everything else.

Like electric wire. Its past time to shut your doors lowes and change your company name to Crooks. Pull your head out of your cute little rear and salute a veteran. Go ahead and complain! We earned that right for you and every other American.

The discount is a way of saying thank you to volunteers that give you the freedom to visit there store and pay taxes, by the way we pay taxes as well, and visit the stores on roads, but then we leave home and family for months at a time to deter invasion ask Ukraine about this. Sorry to see that you are disparaging veterans who have guaranteed your freedoms, by putting their lives on the line for the majority of the rest, who have chosen not to risk their lives for freedom..

Then join an organization that provides a service for the good of the citizenry other country. One that is always on call at all hours, etc. Maybe the person commenting was illegally arrested, charged and convicted. There are thousands and thousands of police audit videos showing bad policing in America. Your a Hoot! Whether it accurately reflects how you truly feel or not, your comment suggests a complete lack of appreciation for the service and sacrifices of military and related public service personnel.

Hey buddy your full of crap veterans have earned awhile lot more than the 10 percent your being stupid about many have lost arms and limbs and suffered many castophic injuries. Bill you are disrespecting the military as is Lowes and for this you both suck. I pay taxes too. We also pay taxes. And the only reason that others are allowed to build roads and other jobs is because We, the military, make sure the US is a free nation.

Do you have to move wherever everytime you are told to, do you have to leave your family for months at a time, go to areas that are life threatening? Does your spouse not have a chance to get seniority or retirement because you must move every 3 to 4 years? If you can say yes to all of this, I say you should get the same discount. Building roads? Paying taxes?? Yeah you really put it all on the line…. Try making the tougher decision by putting on the uniform, then you can stop belly aching.

I agree. Giving the customer less, reducing their pledge to veterans, and Lining their own greedy pockets.. They should go visit a VA hospital and see both men and women who have given so much. Yes, others also give to their communities. Police, firefighters etc. How much will they lose to honor many. Higher prices, poor customer service, and discounts on selected products will drive customers away especially in military communities.

Home depot, has a limit on discounts for Vets. That is why I go to Lowes, but! Me too. Penny wise and pound foolish. Eagle v. Leviton for example. Regardless of the inability of either chains local managers to particularly attract, nurture and promote great employees. Support locally owned if you really care. Worked at a Home Depot over a Christmas. Certainly very different from there training videos. Better off switching to Menards. Lowes will lose my business if they remove the discount.

It is what it is! Go to the competition and say goodbye on the 8th. No more respect for us that defended Our Nation. There other great local stores as an alternative. I think they will not last. I work in facilities and shop a lot. I call them Blows but the B is silent. Have you seen the craftsman tools. What a joke. Sears , Lowes — Eh! Their biggest mistake is the way they frustrate the incoming phone customers Home Depot. Just went to Lowes today to buy a Shark Vacuum cleaner.

Found the one I wanted and got ready to ring it up and the military discount would not take. I asked about it and they said the discount no longer applies to all lumber, all major appliances, most electrical components, and wiring. What a shame. The entire military discounted program has become a joke. Thinking seriously of just closing out my account. Veterans knew of the sacrifices and that is what makes them strong.

Veteran discounts are slowly fading away………. Time to go back to the local Lumber stores and hardware stores. One pissed off Marine here! Wondered how long the fake warm fuzzy appreciation for the risks and sacrifices made by veterans. Lots of phony types like that at lows.

Had a hell of time getting registered for military but finally did a few years back. Corporate Greed. They ask at check out if you are military or veteran. Ask for ID. Good going Lowes, I hope you lose a lot of business. Great business model Lowes! I just found out. Typical corporate greed bait and switch. That little savings was big for a person like me.

Boycott them and Home Depot both did it. Every time you buy something from the competition send receipt to headquarters and let see their losses mount while profit disappears. I agree they take vet discount and chop off everything you build with. Yes they are…. To Hell with you Lowes! I didnt find anything on the internet, with this update so I called Lowes and spoke with management, they have in fact stopped offering discounts on lumber and appliances, Winchester Va.

I then asked them to simply cancel the MVP account and reinstate my military status account. Have I given up? Both are garbage that aim to essentially kil off the military discount. We have spent over 14k at lowes since Nov We drive almost an hour to get to Lowes. That Discount helped us with our gas so we could shop at this store.

Military did not pick and choose who they fought for or who they saved. Discount should be applied to everything. Lowes is still a thing? Been inside a lowes maybe once in the last 2 years and it was an awful experience with customer support. I beg to differ with you sir. Full agreement. I walk in the store, find it on the shelf, and buy it. Staples is the same way. Seems that way for sure. Something Doc or Marty might have said…. Lowes is way down on my list of preferred places to shop — and the staff at my local store also seem rather indifferent.

That seems all so disconnected from our collective Toolguyd local store experiences. Or more about the disconnect between a thoughtful buyer and random impulse buying? Tried to give HD my business. Ordered an outdoor patio set. Loveseat, two chairs and a table. Came with two seat covers for the loveseat, none for the chairs.

Documentation and CS said they are sometimes shipped separately and wait 3 business days. Did not show up. HD would not hold for more than 2 weeks. Depot is also changing their policy on veteran discounts, you will now have to give them a copy of your DD and a picture ID in order to get a discount. They do not answer their phones. I switched to Home Depot a few months back, competition is good! Exactly my observation in several of my local Lowes. My how the tides have turned.

Home Depot has recently made improvements to their military discount policy and seem to be the better run stores now. I have one more load LP smart side I need to pick up this weekend just in case they decide to to end the discount next week. Started driving 45 minutes south and pay a bit more but the lumber is way better. Once on a cart and then once into the vehicle. Thats kind of the way I feel too.

It seems HD hiring college kids and they constantly replace them. There steadily replacing good employees with lazy good for nothing monkeys. Most of the new hires spend there time on break and no one knows how to unlock the big stepladder to get stuff of the top shelf. Ask how much they pay. Yes, checkout has been usually limited to one or two registers, but they now added self-checkout.

I assume you are being tongue in cheek. This would totally rule out Lowes for appliances for us. Probably others if they know, and Lowes devotes a lot of square feet to appliances. The welded joint under the insulation had a massive dent in it though the box was fine? Not a veteran but my father is. Funny enough in store transactions still require a valid photo ID to process. Are they losing a significant amount through fake military ids? Pretty sure more walks out the door each year and ends up on another auction site then making vets go through the hassle of this.

For online orders I understand something different needs to be done to verify instead of a check box but in store the card should be more than enough. I agree to an extent about how ID should be enough, but the military installations I go on all now scan IDs, making it difficult to bluff your way in post. Family and friends only need so much too before you would have to broaden the market for real money.

Any business that offers a discount has that factored into the margin. Investors are probably the ones that ruin this more than anything else. Sorry Stuart. Lowes has gotten so bad that I switched to Home Depot only for my purchases. Too many problems at the Columbus Georgia Lowes to list all of them. They never got it down from the 25 foot racks, one hour later, still no saw. When I asked the responsible lumber associate about it, he said go get it by the saws.

But, there were none on the ground. Enormously better than Lowes. Maybe half that was recovered. Maybe they need some Vets working security. The policy is being abused. Discount is for the veteran and spouse NOT the entire family and friends and the discount is to be used for personal use items only not for a business. People abuse the policy it gets changed. Simple as that. The military discount is what has kept me loyal to Lowes.

If they start getting nit picky with it now, I can just as easily go up the street to Home Depot. My wife told me about this. It all depends what area you live in and personal preference, maybe. The credit card discount perk which HD took away many years ago combined with cleaner and larger stores, and friendlier staff, makes a difference to me.

As far as discounts? Is this actually new? There have been exclusions. If not it was to be expected. Appliance return limited to 48 hrs? My town has 2 lowes and 1 HD. I can tell you horrid customer service examples from both stores, and I can tell you great customer service examples from both. Both have staffing problems. Using their credit card , and also earning a volume discount. They Fail to understand that a contractor can purchase more then consumers purchasing one or two items.

I moved on to the other box store and no regrets. And prices are nearly always comparable. But the service! No comparison. My thoughts as well. They just seem to care more — do OK on prices — but are way more accommodating. In Florida we were flabbergasted at the take-it-or-leave-it attitude we encountered at one national chain and had a tough time finding a a smaller local dealer. The local appliance stores are the only ones that seem to carry high-end appliances here.

Costs a little more than an LG or Samsung at the box stores, but at least I can be confident in the installation, handling, and contribution to the local economy. Well that just makes things super easy for me. I USED to give them all of my business. In fact we have taught, as a customer, other customers right in front of the employees. There is no possible way to get people with years of expertise in a particular field being that young.

And God forbid that I do it on the clock and no one is covering the department, then customers will really start whining. Like most Chinese co. Like walmart, now in Chinese ownership get people coming then stick it to them. Retired navy. I also thought that Walton Enterprises and the Walton Family -were still the lions-share owners of Walmart stock. It is still nice when an associate at either store would thank you for your service.

I purchase from both upgraded my entire kitchen with Lowes and appliances at HD still got both with discounts. Dropping a military discount usually means going elsewhere. Lowes near me hires a lot of veterans and they provide a lot of great advice. Would be a shame to drop military discounts and too far from any bases for most folks. So one of my larger income streams comes from retail consulting.

They did their years, and moved on with their lives. Now, the stupid appliance policy may bite Lowes in the ass. I rather support small businesses then the already rich and greedy. Limbs lost, lives lost and minds lost, and many of those Veterans did multiple tours, some who lost a limb, healed up and went back. HD has just screwed up a steel ball. The hassle they have created to get registered for the discount makes it not even worth it!! I most likely will not frequent their store any more.

Bye, bye!! I will say, an Ace Hardware store with 4 employees standing at the wait, one of them call you by name, and expert advice, just outshines ANY box store. Customer Service and the Art of Hospitality have just completely disappeared. It is very disappointing to see what a turn things have taken over the last few years.

I am not a veteran, but I have a deep respect for our servicemen and women. I have never had a problem with a single Lowes. I find HD to be dusty and staffed by indifferent associates. We both love the shiny stores, and usually get stellar service. From hardware to blinds, we are usually very pleased. While I respect the opinions here, I am almost tickled, and usually baffled by the anti-Lowes talk that permeates the threads on this site. As a non-pro, I could be an outlier. It may well depend on your locale or local store management.

I have 2 Home Depots near me. One is 2. The nearest Lowes is 3. Of the 3 I prefer to shop at the HD that is 3. The return and online order pickup process at this store has also been abysmal — the few times that I have needed to use either one. This pro-sumer and go to DIY guy among family and friends completely agrees with you. Both have changed their military discount.

I do shop both stores. Have been in both from east to west coast. Home Depot does not seem as clean as Lowes, but from all my travels Home Depot by far has the most knowledgeable staff. Hard to find anybody to help in either store chain now, but Home Depot wins in customer most of the time. Just my take. Guess I will have to start going to home depot more, at least you can get a little help there. They are not taking away the military discount on all items just certain items in lumber, electrical, etc.

Shame on lowes for taking discounts from vets. I wonder if the exclusions point to them trying to keep some sort of profit margin on those items? I live in a military town so discounts are common at places like restaurants, but the Lowes discount was rife for abuse when they used the phone number system.

I have been standing with friends when they got a phone call from Lowes asking if they approved a purchase on their behalf. It was usually a family member in another state claiming the discount. Then my friends are in a tough place because it is family…. All that said, Lowes and Home Depot are across the street from each other here.

I say shut down employee discounts and give to vets……. It certainly looks that way. I cannot blame the company for taking these steps. Some people go overboard with blessings from God. I appreciate the discount. I only use it for my home the V. Please let the people who own Lowes know that they are truly appreciated for what they give to us vets who just need a little help now and then. We know where this is headed. That being said, ALL these retailers who offer Military Discounts, can verify who is the real deal and who is not.

This causes innocent Veterans, who have put their lives on the line for all of us, to bear the brunt of a few unscrupulous ones who the Merchants could catch if they wanted to. Doing away with the veterans discount was not a good business decision. This has to be fake for those people who see this post. I work at lowes and I have yet to hear anything bout these changes.

Buy from all 3 big box stores regularly. Shame, let the discussion go where it will. On another note, every time I use the Vet discount it sort of makes up for when I was called a baby killer and spit at in uniform at SFO. I have heard Rumors which I would not spread that an older store in nearby NY that I used had questionable requests by customers who could not prove their eligibility to be valid VET , that some non vet employees as well as customers resented the discount.

I have been a dedicated Lowes customer Mainly due to the Veteran Discount. I will be rethinking that if that benefit goes away. I may be just one person but I spend about 4 grand a year there. The 2nd thing about the appliances again from a former employee who sold appliances the reason for the 48 hour return policy is because they damage so many products they are losing their ass on returns…this is a horrid company that treats their employees like slave labor and as much as they tout safety is all just bullshit.

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Lowes veteran vest They both rip you off on delivery charges! Funny enough in store transactions still require a valid photo ID to process. Dropping a military discount usually means going elsewhere. Not Specified 76 Items Electrical supplies and lumber are the things I purchase the most at Lowes.

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Military associates can choose which vest to wear: camo or the traditional red vest. The new camo design began rolling out to associates in early Is it not optional? Like, if they know you're a veteran, are you required to wear the special vest, or can you opt out of wearing it and wear. bulv.shelu.xyz › Browse › LOWVET.