Bourse des actions Samsara
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Bourse des actions Samsara

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The use of animals as imagery here is important, we can see that each animal is holding onto the tail of the animal infront of him. Which symbolizes the fact that these negative emotions lead to each other in an endless loop. It is only by our effort and spiritual progress that we are able to gradually gain control and ultimately destroy these emotions.

The next circle out from the Wheel of Life is called Bardo and shows spirits pulled downwards by Demons right , as they have forgotten Dharma and let the 3 Poisons overcome them. And disciples of dharma being lead upwards, having fought to overcome the 3 Poisons, and the negative karma that it brings.

It represents the state which our spirits find themselves in the moment between life and death — the Intermediate State. Samsara begins at the subconscious state of Bardo , continues into birth and is completed at the moment of death, thus the imagery or literal translation : the Wheel of Life. If individuals find themselves with similar Karmas, their conscious will experience, through common perceptions, an identical world.

Humans for example, all have identical sense organs the 5 senses which grant them access to an identical world ours. We as humans can only perceive two: the Human world ours and the Animal world. From a Buddhist perspective , the fact we cannot perceive the other worlds does not condemn their existence, but further proves that we are blinded by what we can see, touch, taste, hear and smell. The existence of the 6 worlds is demonstrated by the numerous enlightened beings that possess faculties that are far superior to ours.

Their suffering comes at the end of their lives, when they are rejected by their community and glimpse into the world in which they will be re-born which, by definition, will be a lesser world, having drained their merits bathing for centuries in more luxuries than we may dream of. Pride associated with large amounts of positive karma can lead you to be re-born in this part of the Wheel of Life. The Titans assoura or demi-gods are very powerful beings whose main occupation and suffering is to be constantly engaged in conflicts and arguments.

Legend has it that the Tree of Life grows in this world, but the Fruit of Eternal Life which it bears, falls into the World of the Gods. Which is the nature behind their Jealousy and Constant conflict with the Gods. Jealousy associated with some good karma leads to rebirth in this realm of the Wheel of Life. Humans mansuya suffer principally from : birth, ageing, sickness, and death, but also from many other sufferings and difficulties.

Unlike the other worlds it is possible to get spiritual teaching in this world, which is not the case for the other worlds. Desire, coupled with a superior capacity for good karma rather than bad karma, leads to rebirth in this realm of the wheel of life. Animals tiryanca suffer from cold, hunger, sickness, cannibalism, enslavement and exploitation by humans. They also suffer from very limited intelligence. The negative karma that is associated to ignorance leads to rebirth in the animal world of Samsara.

The hungry spirits suffer from a hunger and thirst that can never be quenched or satisfied by the seldom occasions they find food or water. Greed and the negative karma associated with it will lead to rebirth in this realm of the Wheel of Life.

The damned naraka are those who live in Buddhist hell, worlds of intense suffering in which life is extremely long. The beings that find themselves there are subject to torture with fire and ice and numerous other sufferings. The understanding of the wheel of life or Samsara as some prefer to call it, would not be complete without this vital piece of information: The human world, due to a balance between good and evil, makes spiritual practice easier to accomplish, and hence is favoured by the Buddhas.

But it is not because they favour our human world that they do not intervene in all the worlds to lessen the burdens of suffering that all beings carry and if possible lead them to the path of liberation enlightenment. There are 6 groups of Buddhas that act in each world :. As you can see from the list above, no world is forgotten and enlightenment is possible from any of the worlds, yet as explained above the balance between good and evil found in our world, allows us a larger capacity to escape the grips of Yama,perhaps after many hours of meditation, multiple Siddhis, endless generosity and happiness.

Thank you for visiting my site — mandalas. It will be visited by me often! Vraiment passionnant! Pingback: Avaloketeshvara Thangka Mandala. Hello, Where is the best place at home where to put the picture of Weel of life? Can it be living room, southwest wall? Thank you! The living room is a lovely place to put a Wheel of Life. Generally North and East are considered to be the directions associated with the divine. All rights reserved. Sur quel site souhaitez-vous vous connecter?

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On, the company states: "Samsara is dedicated to strengthening the security, efficiency and sustainability of the activities. › marque › marques-concurrentes. La marque SAMSARA, fondée en (France), a marques sœurs et marques concurrentes. SAMSARA est une marque de la société Airbus Group.