girls vest pattern
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Girls vest pattern segnali forex migliorini

Girls vest pattern

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Login New Customer Cart. Where to buy Blog Contact. November 16, by Rachel Elkinson Ring. Search Blog. By Dr. Seuss Bedroom 1 Dr. Seuss Cuddle 1 Dr. Most Recent. Leave a Comment. Meg Fleshm — March 4, The Riley Vest is one of my favorite outerwear patterns. The vest comes together nicely and I like that the armholes are bias bound making for easy turning of the lining and outer. It looks great on my son which, in a sewing world with infinite patterns for girls and slim pickings for boys, I really appreciate that this pattern works for all of my children.

Cortney P — March 4, This vest was so much fun to make. It came together quickly and looks great. It was a fun opportunity to try out some new skills like quilting, welt pockets and separating zippers. Rebecca Page even included thoughts on how to adjust the pattern to the level of warmth you desire! It was a pleasure to put this garment together and I have quite a few plans for more.

Kimberly Richardson — March 4, The Riley Vest is a classic style vest and a professional looking finished product. I love how the directions are very detailed and walk you carefully through each step. The double welt pockets, snap on hood and the full lining add a nice level of detail to create a polished look. I am very happy with my Riley Vest! Lucy Lloyd — April 1, Me and my son love this pattern!

This is one of my makes that I am most proud of and that people cannot believe I had made it! My son loves the pockets- big enough for all little treasures and the fact that there is a detachable hood is perfect for rainy days. The instructions are so well written and clear that even an adventurous beginner would be able to follow. Marie Biswell — April 1, It was also super easy to sew, I actually sewed this up in a full afternoon! Valeria Curatolo — April 1, The Riley Vest is a beautiful padded vest from Rebecca Page.

I can not wait to try it on MissA. It was surprisingly easy to sew. Jeannie Fisher — April 1, Shelley Clark — April 1, The instructions are easy to follow and thorough. The finished project comes together quickly and looks great. Nadine Simard — April 1, Love this pattern, the result was great for my son. Great unisex pattern, I already have a request from my youngest. Kerry Wallman — January 12, Love this pattern. I love the quilting look and the options for hood and pockets.

Fit was great! Karla Holmes — January 27, I enjoy making this pattern. Everything came together to nicely. I highly recommend this pattern. Amanda Jones — March 3, Really cute and a fun project to take on. Love that it has some more advanced elements but each individual step is well written and easy to understand. Carrie Wilson — March 10, Nadia Fovakis — March 10, Karla Holmes — April 13, It wasnt the easiest but the instructions are great.

So you feel like zippers are something you dont like to use in a project this is the perfect project to try doing it. Hannah Goulter — April 13, While there were a lot of pattern pieces to work with I step found it a reasonably easy sew. Great instructions. Shannon Ireland — January 10, This vest is for you!! I absolutely need one for every member of my family. There are so many options with this.

Dont miss out! Donna Jones — January 10, It has built my confidence in many ways, im no longer afraid of zips! Although it took me a long time to sew, its one of my favourite results and probably the sew im most proud of! I sewed the Riley using satin for the lining and a fleece outer.

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