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Definition portfolio investment

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Share Article. Portfolio Investment. What is portfolio investment? Where have you heard about portfolio investment? Swap Short:. Trade now. AAPL GOOG TSLA Trade Now. You should think carefully about this when building your investment portfolio. Each of us has a different tolerance for risk based on our goals and life situation. For instance, a single college graduate can probably invest aggressively because time is on his or her side. Meanwhile, a year-old retiree who is saving for the education of a couple grandchildren may not be able to risk a portfolio drop and will thus have have a far more conservative portfolio.

As mentioned above, an asset allocation is how you distribute the money in your portfolio across different asset classes. The best asset allocation for your portfolio will depend on many factors. If you are just getting started, you should choose a financial advisor to help you understand how different investments could affect you. As you think about your asset allocation, keep in mind that asset classes are broken down into smaller categories.

And each responds differently to market conditions. For example, stocks vary hugely from company to company. This is especially common with exchange-traded funds ETFs. An ETF is a fund that includes a number of similar stocks. That could mean stocks from a certain sector of the economy or even stocks from different countries.

An ETF could invest only in large, established companies or only in small companies with high growth potential. So as you think about your investments, financial advisors recommend that you create a diverse investment portfolio.

That means investing in multiple asset classes. It also means choosing diverse options within an individual asset class. Make sure it adheres to your risk tolerance. This is how well you can handle the ups and downs of the market. Some asset classes, such as stocks, are generally considered more volatile.

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You can get a good idea of what that means by the name itself. An actively managed portfolio is a portfolio that has an investment manager whose job it is to buy and sell in an effort to make as much money as possibly. This means that assets are traded constantly. This can be great, if wise decisions are made and the market performs well.

However, at the same time, a poor decision or an inept manager can mean losing money. You may have heard the often repeated stock market investing advice to keep your portfolio diversified. By diversification, we mean getting exposure to a wide variety of industries and sectors and asset types, so bad performance in few of these assets is counter balanced by good performances in other assets, and the overall portfolio remains relatively stable.

The advice to invest in index funds , in addition to it being passive, also hinges on the fact that index funds get you instant portfolio diversification. However, it is counter productive to have portfolios that are over diversified with s of names. Beyond a certain point, additional diversification does not bring any more benefit , and only forces you to buy assets that may not be investment worth, just in the name of diversification.

A focused portfolio with only a limited number of investments, on the other hand, provides you the opportunity to pick and choose what you invest in. You are also more likely to keep close tabs on the investments and the business performance of yoru companies, if you have a limited and manageable number of them to monitor. Your investment decisions when you run a focused portfolio, are mostly based on the merits of the investments you hold, and are therefore less likely to be at the whims and fancy of the market, and more under your control.

I personally recommend investors to have a focused portfolio that only contains their best ideas. This provides enough diversification to manage the risks in the portfolio, while it also allows you to focus on generating nice profits as opposed to keeping up with the average market return when you run a diversified portfolio. While your stock broker will administer and report on your investment portfolio for you, you can also set up tracking portfolios on services like Stock Rover.

This can be very useful if you wish to keep a watch list of stocks for further analysis. Read more on how I select and manage a professional investment portfolio appropriate for long term value investing. Stock Rover Review. Become a Premium Member. The term portfolio investments covers a wide range of asset classes including stocks, government bonds, corporate bonds, real estate investment trusts REITs , mutual funds, exchange-traded funds ETFs , and bank certificates of deposit.

Portfolio investments can also include more esoteric choices including options and derivatives such as warrants and futures. There also are physical investments such as real estate, commodities, art, land, timber, and gold. In fact, a portfolio investment can be any possession that is purchased for the purpose of generating a return in the short or long term.

The composition of investments in a portfolio depends on a number of factors. Is the investor a young professional with children, a mature person looking forward to retirement, or a retiree looking for a reliable income supplement? Those with a greater risk tolerance may favor investments in growth stocks, real estate, international securities, and options, while more conservative investors may opt for government bonds and blue-chip stocks. On a larger scale, mutual funds and institutional investors are in the business of making portfolio investments.

For the largest institutional investors such as pension funds and sovereign funds, this may include infrastructure assets like bridges and toll roads. Portfolio investments by institutional investors generally are held for the long term and are relatively conservative.

Pension funds and college endowment funds are not invested in speculative stocks. Investors saving for retirement are often advised to focus on a diversified mix of low-cost investments for their portfolios. Index funds have become popular in individual retirement accounts IRAs and k accounts, due to their broad exposure to a number of asset classes at a minimum expense level. These types of funds make ideal core holdings in retirement portfolios. Those who want a more hands-on approach may tweak their portfolio allocations by adding additional asset classes such as real estate, private equity, and individual stocks and bonds to the portfolio mix.

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A portfolio investment is a passive stake in an asset purchased with the expectation that it will provide income or grow in value, or both. Portfolio investments are investments in the form of a group of assets, including transactions in equity, securities, such as common stock, and debt securities, such as banknotes, bonds, and debentures. A portfolio is a collection of financial investments like stocks, bonds, commodities, cash, and cash equivalents, including closed-end funds and exchange traded.