the oil and gas investing checklist for wedding
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When choosing a forex course there is so much to consider, from the strategies, to course structure, to mentor track record and even the community. We have compiled a simple but comprehensive list of the worlds leading forex trading courses. Trading Masterclass, ran by Irek Piekarski and Jonny Godfrey, has taken the industry by storm over the last few years. To find out more, have a read volatility indicator forex our full in-depth reviewbreaking down everything you need to know about Trading Masterclass.

The oil and gas investing checklist for wedding vps forex malaysia 2016

The oil and gas investing checklist for wedding

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As with most questions, check with your local heliport to inform yourself on the restrictions they may have in place for your electronics. Some helicopter contractors will not allow any cell phones, e-cigarettes or any other personal electronic device on board the chopper.

Alternately, some of these electronic devices are not allowed in the cargo hold of the aircraft and must be kept on your person. I recommend purchasing an external hard drive — 1 or 2 terabytes. Most of your co-workers will have ones with TV shows and movies, which you can watch during your down time.

The rigs also have tons of food but some people like to bring candy or sunflower seeds as a snack. Also, check to make sure your rig has outlets that will work with your chargers- you may need an adapter or converter.

Most rigs have packs of recyclable bottles of water, but some use jugs of water. Meaning, it might be nice to have a personal water bottle or coffee cup to fill up and cut down on waste. Not only for extra PPE and industrial items that you may need in the field to fix equipment billed back to your employer , but also a store that you may be able to purchase extra shampoo, conditioner, cigarettes, candy bars, etc.

Cash is always essential to bring! Please feel free to leave your comments and additions to this working list. Are there any differences in the locales that you are working in? Drop us a line and help us make this the ultimate, master list! Since then she has been working on deepwater and ultra-deepwater exploration and development projects.

In her three years working offshore she has had the privilege of meeting many inspiring women. With Women Offshore she hopes to help foster a community which connects, encourages, and advances females in this field. She currently lives in Lafayette, Louisiana and her hobbies include traveling, cycling, and cooking. Thank you so much for the info, I will be going offshore just for 2 weeks but this makes a world of difference!

Thanks for stopping by Emily! Please reach out if you have any questions. Best of luck during your time offshore! Thank you so much. Appreciate it. Thanks, Vicki! We are glad the list can help. Best of luck out there! Please reach out if you have any questions!

Perfect list! I also recommend loading up your phone with fitness apps that can be used offline to give yourself some motivation and guidence. After a 12hr shift it can be hard to stick to going to the gym. My helo trip is a lengthy 2 hours long, plus a 3 hour commercial flight so a good big book is a must. Its not counted towards the helo luggage and passes the time if you are not a sleepy flyer. I pack in small nylon dry bags and bring a thin duffle for dirty laundry.

The dry bags can be clipped to a bunk with underwear, sox, and toiletries to keep things dry and sorted. They are light and don;t take up any room. The small duffle can be checked for the flight home if your point of deployment has stuff you want to buy on your way out.

Fantastic list. I got one during my time offshore, and the medic did NOT have it, and it took days for the treatment to come in on the supply boat. I was so uncomfortable due to the symptoms, and the symptoms got worse every day.

It was also very embarrassing for the medic and me to talk about. Yes, such a good point. We are sorry to hear you went through that uncomfortable situation. Thank you for sharing so other women know to bring the kit with them. There are certain things we tend to take for granted, when we have stores and pharmacies everywhere!

So think hard about anything that you are susceptible to, and plan ahead! Never feel embarrassed to talk to a medic about it. We have received the training, and it is not uncommon to get a yeast infection offshore. Can you elaborate on the convert you use a little more? What size of duffel bag is appropriate for above list?

Just trying to be prepared. Thanks for your list. One thing I always make sure to do is update my downloaded songs workout playlist and download any books I may want to read BEFORE I get to the rig because we all know the internet offshore can be… lacking… at best sometimes!

Thanks you Ladies for sharing your list and all the extra comments too. Just wondered if others have experienced that? They gave us a list before we did our first work term when i was cadet. This list i wish i had when i was first going to sea! Also having a half decent bag to carry all of your stuff is a must for me.

I have seen a bag or two show up late to a airport or go missing. Thanks so much for this list and if i hear of any new women coming to boats for their first time I am am for sure going to send this to them! One easy way to reduce the weight of your bag is to use shampoo bars and conditioner bars instead of the bottles.

Not only is this way lighter, it is also better for the environment. Swap out body wash for soap bars too. These bars last considerably longer than the bottles so not only are you reducing weight, helping the environment, you are saving money too!

If you have a lot of cable for electronics, invest in an electronics cable organizer from Amazon. Fortunately, not all of them will. When you base your stock purchase decisions on isolated facts and don't take the time to thoroughly understand the businesses you're buying, costly investment mistakes are usually made. In it, he shares the successful approach he's used over the past decade to generate and research investment ideas, assess the quality of a business and its management team, and ultimately improve his overall investment performance.

Along the way, you'll be introduced to specific "checklists" that will enhance your ability to understand the dynamics of the business you're interested in and the people operating it, value the potential investment, and make the most informed buy or sell decision possible. Each chapter also contains countless examples that show you exactly how the author's checklist has helped him make the right investment moves over the course of his successful professional career. Whether you're just starting out and thinking about what you want to invest in, or already have a portfolio that you want to manage more effectively, The Investment Checklist has the tools and insights you need to improve your investment endeavors.

Michael Shearn founded Time Value of Money, LP, a private investment firm, in , to devote his attention to selecting and researching stocks and private investments. Shearn graduated magna cum laude from Southwestern University, a small liberal arts college in Georgetown, Texas, with a BA in business, with an emphasis in accounting and finance.

He lives with his wife and two daughters in Austin, Texas. There are many ways you can generate investment ideas, some qualitative, some quantitative. Quantitative methods include looking at specific financial or operating metrics, whereas qualitative methods rely on more subjective characteristics, such as management strength, corporate culture, or competitive advantages.

Whether you are running a complicated stock screen or simply getting ideas from other investors, all methods have their own advantages, limitations, and risks. Ultimately, the best method of generating ideas for you is the one that gives you the largest number of opportunities. This chapter explores why stocks become undervalued, how to generate investment ideas, how to filter these ideas, and how to keep track of them. These steps are critical to creating a pool of stock ideas.

Instead, you need to be patient, and you have to be ready for the right opportunities. It is important to understand that good investment ideas are rare, and consistent success in the stock market is elusive. Those investors who believe that they can make money year after year in the stock market are setting themselves up for disappointment.

Most investors are far too optimistic: They often think they've found great ideas when they haven't. In contrast, investors with the best long-term track records have made most of their money with just a handful of investment ideas. In short, you need to mentally prepare yourself in advance with the idea that you will not have many outstanding investments in your lifetime.

Most investments you make will produce mediocre results, but a few can provide outstanding results. The best investment opportunities usually come in big waves, such as when entire markets decline. There have been several recent examples: the Asian financial crisis of to , the Internet bubble ending in , and the recession starting in This was caused by forced selling. The market sell-off was exacerbated by the indiscriminate selling of stocks by money managers who were forced to sell stocks to fund client redemptions.

Even if these money managers knew these stocks were undervalued, they had no choice but to sell. This forced selling created artificially low prices—which created a rare opportunity for investors. Other kinds of forced selling include situations when stocks are thrown out of an index because they no longer meet the minimum standards to remain in an index. Spin-offs where a business divests a subsidiary create a similar situation when the business that is spun off does not fit the investing criteria of an investment manager.

Forced selling decreases prices—which creates opportunities. Besides broad market sell-offs that create forced selling, the stock market has a way of magnifying different types of business and industry-wide risk that cause the stock prices of businesses to drop.

To learn which area of the stock market is in greatest distress, look for those areas where capital is scarce. Scarcity of capital creates less competition for assets, which decreases prices. Ask yourself, what areas of the stock market are investors fleeing, and why? Ideally, you want to identify those stocks where the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater—and then rescue that baby! Once the reality starts to set in that the ultimate outcome will not be as bad as expected, then stock prices adjust and typically rise.

Ideally, you want to identify those areas where the outlook is most pessimistic and identify whether the sources of pessimism are temporary or permanent. Let's look at an example. Heartland helps small and mid-sized merchants with credit-card transactions, providing the physical card machine and payment-processing services that enable customers to use credit and debit cards in retail stores.

In , computer hackers installed spyware on Heartland's network and had gained access to the systems that process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express transactions. After discovering the problem, Heartland announced details concerning the breach, including the number of months the spyware might have gathered card numbers and the number of transactions that the company usually processed.

The result? Investors quickly sold the stock. People tend to go the same places more than once. Later, more conservative estimates of stolen cards emerged at about million cards, instead of million. More important for investors was the fact that this was a far cry from the first potential loss estimates. Investors who already held stock in Heartland shouldn't have immediately sold the stock on the news. They would have been rewarded if they had purchased more of the stock to decrease their cost basis.

Also, investors who didn't already own Heartland stock should have bought at this time because this one-time event was nowhere near as devastating as the sources in the press made it out to be. In sum, if you had purchased the stock after the breach was announced, you could have tripled your investment! Be Wary of Exciting New Trends that Turn out to Be Fads You must also learn to identify those areas of the stock market that are benefiting from abundant sources of capital, which drives up prices, so you can be careful investing in them.

Wall Street is good at pitching stories, and investors tend to get excited by what they believe is an important new trend. However, many of these exciting major trends turn out to be fads that are based on speculation, rather than fundamentals. Let's look at a couple of examples. In the s, investors bid up the stocks of conglomerates that were increasing their earnings through acquisitions.

Growing quickly, they used their high stock prices to purchase other businesses. LTV acquired company after company, growing from the th largest industrial company in to the 14th largest in —only four years later! Yet by , under the pressure of enormous debt, antitrust threat, and a generally bearish market, LTV's stock had plummeted, as did the stock of several of the other recently ballooned conglomerates.

The s gave us another kind of speculative boom, what we now call the Internet bubble. Technology stocks provided rates of return that dwarfed their actual growth or profits if they had any profit at all. CEO Scott McNealy recalls that heady period: "At 10 times revenues, to give you a year payback, I have to pay you percent of revenues for 10 straight years in dividends. Do you realize how ridiculous those basic assumptions are?

What industries are the new billionaires coming from? For example, in the early s, the Forbes list was populated mainly by individuals in the oil and gas industry. Also, monitor initial public offerings IPOs coming to market. Are the IPOs that are quickly rising in price concentrated in a certain industry, as Internet stocks were during the technology boom of to ?

When capital is abundant, it searches for other similar businesses to duplicate success. The IPOs of technology businesses caused many other technology businesses to be formed and seek to go public. Buildings were built on a speculative basis, as lenders were in essence throwing money at developers to build new projects and did not worry if the builders had tenants to occupy these buildings.

Eventually, there was an oversupply of real estate, which caused prices for real estate to drop. Lenders and developers found themselves with many empty properties, and there were many bankruptcies during this period. This just goes to show that areas where there is an abundance of capital are usually poor hunting grounds for great investments.

Investors who got caught up in the hype of the s real estate boom or technology bubble of the late s ultimately ended up losing most of their capital. Now that you know more about how to generally look for investment ideas, the following sections of this chapter describe a few more formalized ways to begin looking for investment ideas. Using Stock Screens A stock screen is a tool investors use to filter stocks, using preselected criteria.

There are many different types of screening tools available. Services range from free services to those with high-end fees, with features and coverage varying by service. For example, if you are looking at a multiple of last year's earnings, this can be misleading if the company reported a big loss in the prior year.

Investors often need to adjust GAAP earnings to understand the real earnings of a business. After I made GAAP adjustments, I found that these ostensibly high price-to-earnings-ratio businesses were really trading at only five times earnings, not Had I relied exclusively on stock screens, I would have missed many of my best investments.

Four Seasons had just taken several restructuring charges, which reduced the earnings of the business. Had my firm relied on a stock screen, we would have never found this investment, which doubled in price in a short period of time.

Keeping an Eye on New-Lows Lists Newspapers and websites can provide other idea sources like newlows listings. For example, the online site for the Wall Street Journal offers daily and historical new-lows listing of U. All rights reserved.

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The oil and gas investing checklist for wedding It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. After a 12hr shift it can be hard to stick to going to the gym. Had I relied exclusively on stock screens, I would have missed many of my best investments. The result? Michael Shearn. The Smart Money Method: How to pick stocks like a hedge fund pro.
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Nmu financial aid Victoria Angelina Asa Smith on July source, at am. Best of luck during your time offshore! The dry bags and thin duffel bag are excellent ideas! In it, he shares the successful approach he's used over the past decade to generate and research investment ideas, assess the quality of a business and its management team, and ultimately improve his overall investment performance. About the author Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations.
Apple stock price prediction after split My helo trip is a lengthy 2 hours long, plus a 3 hour commercial flight so a good big book is a must. Instead, you need to be patient, and you have to be ready for the right opportunities. Excellent advice! Remember Me. Read more.
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Put down how much you both earn, spend, and save each month. List down details of your bank accounts, investments (stocks, mutual funds, gold. A practical guide to making more informed investment decisions. Investors often buy or sell stocks too quickly. When you base your purchase decisions on. Armed with our Pre-Investment Check List, you will have all the tools needed to confidently research and identify stocks small cap mining and energy stocks.