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When choosing a forex course there is so much to consider, from the strategies, to course structure, to mentor track record and even the community. We have compiled a simple but comprehensive list of the worlds leading forex trading courses. Trading Masterclass, ran by Irek Piekarski and Jonny Godfrey, has taken the industry by storm over the last few years. To find out more, have a read volatility indicator forex our full in-depth reviewbreaking down everything you need to know about Trading Masterclass.

Gerchik forex levels forex currency transactions

Gerchik forex levels

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But should you open an account with them? The only unavailable tools are the customized trading robots and access to individualized consultations, both of which are exclusive to the Platinum Account. While a new and more advanced version is available MetaTrader 5 or MT5 , many people still prefer MT4 because of its all-encompassing tools and features.

For a start, it is designed to suit traders who follow different strategies, including scalpers, day-traders, and investors that want to hold on to positions for years. In addition, technical analysts can choose between 30 different indicators and view charts at 9 different times such as 1-minute candlesticks, 1 hour, 1 day, …etc.

Moreover, you can access it from anywhere in the world. You only have up to in leverage. Both the Simple and Mini Account have a minimum position size of 0. The other 4 account types, on the other hand, must enter trades that are not smaller than 0. At stop-out, the broker will close the biggest losing trading and, at times, others, up until the account has enough to satisfy the margin requirement. When you keep trades open overnight, there is also an interest amount, which you may earn or pay depending on the forex pair.

Apart from that, you could also incur a spread expense. However, since 4 out of 6 accounts have a 0 spread, this is mostly minimal. We will discuss the details of this for all account types later in this article. In short, this broker is ideal for those who like to diversify their trading and exchange different types of assets. Cryptos are traded as a pair against a fiat currency. For example, Bitcoin is offered as BTC.

Amongst the forex pairs, this broker offers both majors and exotics. Keep in mind that these two account types have a relatively small deposit requirement. Even with the use of leverage, such a minimal spread will not cause you to incur significant costs. This includes the prices that Simple, Silver, Gold, and Platinum see.

The deposit requirements for each account type are outlined above. Account-holders also have the option of making deposits through their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple wallets. Almost all transfers are processed immediately and become instantly available to use for trading. Bank wires, meanwhile, will be processed between 1 and 5 days.

As far as fees are concerned, those also depend on your payment method. Electronic systems such as Neteller and Perfect Money can have a transfer cost of between 0. All deposits from your crypto wallet will come with a 0.

You can use any of the available deposit methods to withdraw capital. Interestingly enough, the fees to take money out of your account are less. Most of the time, brokers will not charge you for deposit funds, in the first place. Withdrawals also have minimums and maximums. There is no restriction on the maximum withdrawal size, but bank transfers may vary based on your local laws.

It makes no sense to talk about his achievements, only one thing is important, he practically does not have unprofitable periods and always comes out with a profit. Gerchik is known among traders as a successful investor who has achieved high results. Each participant in the Forex market heard that Gerchik conducts courses, webinars, etc.

Such a personality was able to cause an ambiguous opinion among investors. There is a group of practicing speculators who consider Alexander a guru foreign exchange market. And there are those who insist that this is an infotrader who makes a profit by selling his own courses. Who is A. Gerchik for you? So, in this article, we will look at trading strategy for the Forex currency market. Moreover, we bring to your attention recommendations from Alexander.

So, this is a Ukrainian who emigrated from Odessa to America in the late 90s. Initially, he worked as a taxi driver, dreaming of becoming a trader on Wall Street. But, for this it was required to take 4-month courses and pass exams. Then Alexander took courses, and even got a license from a stock market broker, and began working as a trader's assistant in a small firm.

Worldco - this company was the place to start the success of Gerchik's career as successful investor. After a while it was created brokerage company together with other traders. Then the investor began to compose courses, webinars, write articles and books.

As we can see, it was not an easy way for Gerchik to become a professional, well-known trader in the world. In the technique developed by Gerchik, the designations of certain moments on the chart specially compiled by him are used:.

This bar is taken into account only when connecting the bars of FLU 1 and 2, which act as proof of the level. This bar is based on the level formed by the SS bar with the same number of points. In this case, between the bars of the confirming and forming levels, there may be an unspecified number of intermediate bars. Even more, the bars on the chart can be on different sides of the level.

But, in this case, the level can be formed both by the shadow and the body of the candle. Between the bar of confirming levels 1 and 2 there should not be buffer bars, they must be located one after another. At the same time, the bar confirming level 2 should not approach the level up to points, even more, there may be a slight backlash between the levels. It turns out that the SU bar and the PU bar are located on different sides of the level.

In this case, the bars PU 1 and 2 should be located in the same plane. A level is powerful if levels of historical and mirror type are formed on it. So, everyone knows that there are three possible scenarios for the development of an event in the market:. It should be noted that a successful investor works only with complex and incorrect breakout levels. Alexander uses the system he compiled:. So, in order for you to understand what the essence of the technique is, let's consider a clear example of a deal.

First of all, before trading, you will need to mark the levels on the chart. Initially, a weekly chart opens and, in accordance with the trading method presented earlier, we form levels on W1, after that you can switch to a one-day chart, and there you already need to find the closest powerful levels. After that, we expect one of the levels to be broken. Then, as the level breaks through, at the end of the day we place an order. As an example, consider the conclusion of a transaction on currency pair Australian - American dollar.

After the formation of a complex incorrect penetration of the level, an SL order is placed. You need to put it behind the tail of the bar that broke through the level. The size of the TF should be calculated at a ratio of 3 to 1 of the SL. The position is split.

As an example, by moving to lot 1. If the order is inactive, the price pressed the movement more than half the distance to the next level, most likely the breakdown can be considered active, and the order should be deleted.

The strategy from Gerchik is not easy, but at the same time, the trader has the opportunity to work with the methodology of a successful investor. Please note that it is recommended to work out tactics on a training deposit. Since there are really a lot of conditions, plus do not forget about the basic rules in the field of trade. Skip to main content. Search Form Search. Auto loans. Auto loans Stock Contributions Money Investments. Popular Personal income tax or income tax for individuals: what is it, for what and how to pay, who should pay and how to make a refund.

What affects the cost of the casco? What are enterprise assets in simple words. Auditing the company's financial statements. How to invest in investment funds and how much you can earn. How does a company's profit and income differ from revenue? Is it possible to issue a casco for a credit car? How to correct the OSAGO bonus-malus coefficient if applied incorrectly car insurance green card What to do if you are charged with additional insurance What are bank checks?

Now we will change the currency in a new way Limits for the application of the simplified tax system and the conditions for their observance Restriction on the simplified tax system by branches What is it - the currency of different countries of the world? Construction of levels gerchik. Position entry. Ready-made algorithms for traders have already been published on the site: but this time the algorithm that many traders are looking for is published, like stock market so FOREX market - This Gerchik's algorithm: Working day schedule: - The begining of the work day.

View both negative and positive trades from the previous day. Evaluation with a "fresh eye" of the entry point, stop and potential. Analysis of moments that were not taken into account, but should have been paid attention to. I write down all the shortcomings and errors in a notebook in order to avoid them in the future. Their analysis and the state of world indices.

View what macroeconomic indicators and news are released today in the US. Which sectors can be active when a particular indicator is released. On the www. I analyze and try to guess what trend this news will give to the American market. The best, in my opinion, broker - for day trading, for scalping. Futures and currencies. I watch how the market traded after the main close and also how it trades on the premarket.

If any important news has already come out, I evaluate the reaction of the market to them. I determine the general mood of the market. If there are strong movements in one direction or another, I determine the cause and possible reaction of the Market to them.

This allows you to quickly find out if any of the sectors is showing increased activity and pay attention to it. The list becomes more relevant in the earnings season. The list is compiled solely for observation and possible further use of acquired skills. Russell , a list of 2, small cap companies. Used during intraday research. Watching stocks from homework.

I watch how shares from my selection open. I pay special attention to those that made a gap in the opposite direction from the market or opened at a strong level. I evaluate the strength and direction of SPY, as well as the strength of resistance and movement of the stock. I identify stocks that move in the opposite direction from the market movement or form a shelf at a certain level.

You need to look for support and resistance. That is, where the action rests and where the movement can come from. In the tape and on the chart, I should see that when the stock approaches the formed level, they begin to actively push it away from it, at this time, as a rule, the volume is several times larger than the average by 1 '. An important signal is practically complete absence sellers in the mood for a long position in shares, or at least not a significant number of them compared to buyers.

That is, the return of the stock to the level should occur not due to active market sales, but due to unwillingness to this moment beat the buyer into an offer at an inflated price. The stock must form a certain base, with a clearly defined, as a rule, not in one price, but in a range of several cents, depending on the situation. The stock must have potential.

This is one of the first things I pay attention to before entering a position. I pay attention to strong levels, patterns, as well as the direction of the market trend and whether it will give this stock movement. When trading from a level, risks should be assessed, and by prints, you need to see a big player who is ready to accumulate a position keep the level for a very long time, otherwise do not enter!

If the stock is strong, my entry is not at Hi, but at the lowest possible price, where it rested. If the stock is weak, I need to find the maximum short point. See how the situation changes when you approach it. Whether momentum is maintained in the stock, fight off the pullback levels on a small timeframe. Risk management with an open position. Exit from a position: It is carried out when a pre-planned potential is reached and a signal is received about a reversal or a stop of movement due to the withdrawal of an active player from the action.

I continue to monitor the shares from the selection, which are going according to the plan, but due to various reasons, they have not yet given an entry point. I pay attention to whether the volume and trend in the stock has decreased during lunch, or if the big player in the stock is still active.

I single out particularly active stocks and watch them. Accordingly, the stocks that have gone up the most are at the beginning of the list, and those that have gone down the most are at the end of the list. When choosing, I also pay attention to strong and weak stocks.

I identify new potential entry points based on their behavior of the stock and its movement trends. Following the same formation, I continue to trade stocks from homework and a new intraday selection. I look at the list of stocks that had imbalances MOC orders at the end of the day. On the chart, I should be able to see that the stock has normal volatility and an average intraday range. And it is desirable to know the minimum information about this action. Having decided on a few stocks, I load them into the feed and look at the chart.

For the last 15 minutes I have been watching how the imbalances are changing. I make certain observations and keep a record of them. I compare the results obtained in the end with the expected ones. I am looking for certain patterns of stock behavior, taking into account various factors such as price, average volume, sector, market strength, etc.

I sum up the day. I fill in all the statistics on transactions for the last trading session with brief explanations of entry points. I write down all the observations for the day in a notebook. I fill in psychological and technical diaries.

As soon as such a pattern is identified, then after the third candle closes, you can enter the market: buying - if the Low prices of three consecutive candles highlighted by a red rectangle in Fig. Features of making transactions according to Gerchik's strategy "4 candles" In the previous section, the conditions for entering the market were described. In the Gerchik Base strategy, StopLoss is set: for purchase - under the formed base level; for sale - above the formed base level.

Peculiarities of trading according to the "Gerchik Bases" strategy Consider making a profitable trade using the example from Fig. Solutions in this situation can be the following actions: making a deal not at the opening of the 4th candle, but a little later, if the price again approaches the formed extremum or enters it ; opening a position in several parts, each of which is closed after the price reaches the level of three-fold, four-fold, etc.

StopLoss with its simultaneous movement to the breakeven area. What is level trading? Strategy parameters: Traded instrument - currency pairs, indices, stocks, etc. Algorithm for working with levels So, let's now talk about how to work with levels. The moment of the deal The order is opened after the third touch of the level, at the opening of the next candle. TS "False breakdown" Type of tactics — trading from levels.

Trade - once a day. TF - one day. Trading assets : British pound-dollar, dollar-yen, Australian and American dollar , gold. BPU - a bar confirming the level. Level round - a level ending with a round number.

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Investing input definition for math Business 6. Construction of levels gerchik. What are bank checks? Skip to main content. You can use any of the available deposit methods to withdraw capital. Software Index 7.
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Alex Gerchik The Successful Traders Secrets. THE SECRETS OF TRADING. Lesson 1.

Take your profit to the next level. Gerchik Stocks means the best available rates, minimum commission, and high order execution speed. Gerchik & Co is an STP that takes the trades to the interbank market. continue trading if the threshold levels you preset are exceeded. WikiFX provides Gerchik & Co review: covering licenses, range of markets, user reviews, forex spreads, trading leverage, read our in-depth review before.