wav sound files mt4 forex
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Wav sound files mt4 forex forex profit chart

Wav sound files mt4 forex

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All alerts are appended to the end of the indicator's main calculation function. In older MetaTrader 4 indicators, it is called int start. The alert conditions code should be inserted just above the last return 0 ; statement inside that function. In newer MT4 and in MT5 indicators, the function is called OnCalculate and its declaration can vary from one indicator to another.

The actual conditions will differ depending on the alert type you wish to add to the given indicator. This guide will cover the three most popular cases: signal , level , and cross. Signal is a type of alert that is triggered when some indicator buffer assumes some non-zero level.

Arrow indicators would use this kind of alert normally. The code should be added just before the latest return 0 ; statement inside the start function. It assumes that the time and buffer arrays are not set as series. Level alerts are also very simple. If an indicator reaches a certain value from above or from below , the alert is triggered. Single-line indicators shown in separate window use this kind of alert normally.

Here is how the alert conditions for crossing of zero level would look in the MT4 version of Coppock indicator:. Cross alerts are more complex than the previous two types. They are triggered when some indicator buffer crosses the price line or when two lines of an indicator cross each other, or when several lines cross each other.

We will look for the Up-line crossing the Down-line from below and from above as two distinct alerts:. Of course, the variety of alerts is not limited by the three types described above. Some alerts can have multiple dependencies e. It is even possible to add alerts to indicators that do not use buffers or plot anything on chart.

Such cases are not covered by this DIY guide. Some basic cases can be easily derived from the code snippets offered above while difficult cases are nontrivial ones and demand special approach and extra attention. However, you will certainly learn to add such complex alerts after some practice with the elementary ones.

In the end, I would like to summarize the alert-adding process with a simple list of steps:. You can check that buffer in conditions for alerts. It contains color numbers, so you can issue alerts, for example, if the value was 0 at previous candle and is 1 at the current candle or something like that, depending on the indicator's logic.

If it is an MT4 indicator, then there is a separate indicator buffer for each color of the MA and you just check if a given buffer is non-zero. I am trying to add an alert to an indicator when it reaches a particular level, but that level must be variable — I want to be able to change its value.

How do I do that? That variable name would have to be declared as an input parameter at the top of the code and then used in indicator level comparison see examples for Levels above. I understand your steps, but how do I access the code on the indicator so as to add the alerts?

Right-click the indicator in the Navigator panel of your platform and select Modify :. If you there is a source code file available for that indicator in your platform, it will open it. Otherwise, you have only an executable. For PlaySound to work with your custom.

Make sure you are inserting your alert code inside the OnCalculate function start in older versions of MT4 and not inside OnInit , OnDeinit , or any other function. You can also explore the code of our open-source alert indicators to learn adding your own alerts. If you are trying to add alerts to an MT5 indicator and it doesn't seem to be working , please check whether the source code uses ArrayAsSeries function on the indicator or time buffers.

If it does, see the paragraph below MQL5 example snippets for instructions on how to modify the alert code. For email and push-notification alerts to work, your MetaTrader platform has to be properly configured beforehand. If you want a professionally coded alert indicator created specifically according to your needs, please refer to our custom coding page. If you still have some general question about adding alerts to custom MetaTrader indicators, if you want to share your own tips for doing it, or if you want help with adding alerts to a specific indicator, please post about it in the forum.

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After search on google there is no sound folder in my meta4 What I have tried in my terminal I go to file->Open Data Folder then I can not found. bulv.shelu.xyz › watch. Alerts Pro uses a sample bank of high quality audio files to provide traders with meaningful alert information rather than annoying, comparateively meaningless.