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Yatala drive in movies session times forex

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June 25th Dalby Showgrounds, Nicholson Street, Dal June Car Meet Qld. Accelerate Church, Business Drive, Naran Coffee n Cruise the Nard Qld. All Abilities Playground, Esplanade, Pia Repco Townsville, Dalrymple Road, Garbut Timeless - June Meet!

Caboolture QLD, Australia. Keep it Reet - Winton Reetsuri v4 Vic. Hot Rods for Elvis movie opening weekend Vic. Ballina NSW, Australia. Bunnings Springvale, Princes Highway, Sp Joondalup Square, Sundew Rise, Joondalup June 26th Monthly show and shine Qld. Superformance PTY Ltd. Triple Treat Car Show Qld. The Pavilions Marketplace, Henry Lawson Bunbury Geographe Motor Museum, Wellingt Bluewater Show Qld.

Cars 'n' Pizza Qld. Espresso Twenty5, Boatworks Drive, Coome Jimboomba Heritage Vehicle Club. Triple Treat Vehicle Show. Mile End, Railway Terrace, Mile Garfield VIC, Australia. Sunday Funday Drifting Qld. Cars bikes and Coffee monthly meet! The Fridge Swap Meet Vic. Central Square Shopping Centre, Armstron Bunnings Armadale, Armadale Road, Armada Tuff Streeters - St Kilda Vic. Palais Theatre. Kingborough Sen Citizens Club, 35 Redwoo The Shed - Schofields, Railway Terrace, July 1st Unrestricted car club WA.

Fryday 6 Qld. Queensland Raceway, Champions Way, Willo July 2nd Run in the Sun Qld. Calliope River Historical Village, River Bundy Swap Meet Qld. Bundaberg Recreational Precinct, Univers Toowoomba Showgrounds, Glenvale Road, To July 3rd All Asian Day 1 Qld. Lakeside Park, Lakeside Road, Kurwongbah Monthly Breakfast Run SA.

Burnside Community Centre, B26, Tusmore Maldon VIC, Australia. Tocumwal NSW, Australia. Bean Addiction Coffee Roasters, Tanunda Cars Bikes N Coffee Qld. Eighth Mile Celebration Qld. July 6th July 7th Rare Times Qld. July 8th Friday Night Drift Qld. July 9th Hotshots and Cruise Qld. Yank Tanks - Espresso Twenty5 Qld. Rockin' Jimmy's Car Show Qld. Car cruise and meet WA. Belmont Forum, Belmont Avenue, Cloverdal Cars and coffee SA.

July 10th Canberra 7s Day ACT. Cars Bikes and Coffee Qld. Cars on the Coast SA. Port Noarlunga SA, Australia. July 14th July 15th July 16th Noonamah Tavern, Stuart Highway, Noonama Parliament House, Salamanca Place, Hobar Heritage Park Queensland, Australia. July 17th Silverwater Park, Clyde St, Silverwater Hopdup Hotrods and Donuts monthly meet WA. Porters Plainland Hotel, Laidley Plainla Eumundi Markets, Memorial Drive, Eumundi All Ford Day Southeast Qld.

July 21st July 22nd Better Pets and Gardens Midland, Ferguso National Pyjama Day Cruise Qld. Domain Central, Duckworth Street, Garbut July 23rd Mopar Mayhem Qld. Peninsula Motorfest Qld. Pelican Park, Hornibrook Esplanade, Westbrook Wheels Show n Shine Qld. Westbrook QLD, Australia. Doonside Hotel, Graham Street, Doonside July 24th Car, Ute and Bike show Qld. Gatton QLD, Australia. VividMotorsports Broadford Raceway Vic. State Motorcycle Sports Complex, Broadfo Rockingham Volkswagen, Smeaton Way, Rock Sundowner Saloon, Warrego Highway, Haigs July 28th July 29th July 30th Winter Auto Fest Qld.

All British Day. Mondaze Flagstone, Homestead Drive, Jimb Henry Ford Birthday Cruise Qld. July 31st Entertainment Park, Milperra Road, Banks Lowood Showgrounds, Station Street, Lowo Cars without limits Breakfast run NSW. Nabiac NSW, Australia. August 4th August 6th Hawkesbury Showground, Racecourse Road, August 7th August 11th August 12th Bunnings Midland, Clayton Street, Midlan August 13th Rylstone NSW, Australia.

Unanderra NSW, Australia. Penrith Homemaker Centre, Wolseley Stree August 14th Greaves Reserve Playground, Bennet Stree August 19th August 20th Kooralbyn Community Centre Hall, Ogilvie Whitsunday old iron restores club Qld. August 21st Swap Meet SA. August 26th Mountains to the Sea NSW. RHMC Inc. Roma QLD, Australia. Innisfail Autofest Qld. Driving home was not good. Sometimes there would be huge fogs. Alan husband would take the kids, and they would sometimes drive me home. I thought I had better go when I got pregnant.

Mrs Frazer was concerned about her insurance position. The Frazers gave me a silver teapot when I left in [photo]. Some of the patrons would like to have a drink. Terry recalls a group of blokes in the late s who came in a top table truck.

They parked the truck and got out their folding chairs, and had an gallon keg. I think they finished the keg. It was hard to tell. You would get guys on motorbikes. We had all sorts of patrons, stories that you could not print. We had a bucks party one night. In the early s, there were panel vans that were carpeted and done up. The young fellows would reverse into position and open the doors to watch the movie. Mum and Dad could watch the movie. The regulars were young families who could not afford baby sitters.

They would pile the kids in the car in their pyjamas and come to the Drive-In. There was a lot of making out [and pashing] amongst the young couples who were regulars. At Easter, there were church meetings. They constructed a huge stand in front of the screen.

It went on for years in the early s [a trend copied from the USA]. It was a Drive-In church. The Frazers could not recall which church group. An independent movie was made at the Drive-In. They set up the rails and so they could move along to set a scene.

Some scenes in the movie were shot at Thirlmere. A local, Lyle Leonard, had his car in it. They shot a number of scenes at the Drive-In. I cannot remember the name of the movie. In wet weather, we waited until it was really wet and would tell the patrons to come to the shop, and we would give them a pass for the following night.

We could get completely fogged out. The light beam could not penetrate the fog. We would close up and give a pass for the following night. It was worst in April and May. People would come from a long way for a certain movie in really bad weather you would give them a refund. Lyn Frazer recalled that if it was drizzling, patrons would rub half an onion onto the windscreen, and you could see. Narellan township in [when we set up] only had 6 shops. There was always a takeaway next door to the current cheesecake shop [on Camden Valley Way].

There was only a very small shopping centre. The Gayline Drive-In eventually closed down, like many in the Sydney area, when residential development at Narellan Vale started to grow, and the land was more valuable as real estate. Unfortunately, lifestyles have changed, and people prefer the comfort of suburban movie theatres at Campbelltown and shortly at Narellan.

However, the tradition of outdoor movies and all their attractions for young families and teenagers are not dead in our area. Outdoor movies have made a come back in the local area as they have in other parts of Sydney. Read about the history of the Yatala Drive-In in Queensland. Read about the Lunar Drive-In in Victoria. It was only m up the road for her place. Richard Barnes Watched ghost busters there with my dad.. Dianne Vitali Watched many a movie over the years!! B 11 January Ian Icey Campbell Use to.

Go there in my Escort Panel van, lol. Lauren Robinson I live on this Drive-In! Nell Raine Bruce Such fun times we had there. Before we could drive we would walk and sit on the veranda of the cafeteria and watch the movie. The good old days, wish it was still there. Facebook, 22 June Eric Treuer I remember going there thinking that the drive-in was for gays. I was very young at the time.

Lol Facebook, 22 June Gail Coppola Had great times there. Listening to the movies and the cows lol Facebook, 22 June Jan Carbis Went there many times…. Barbara Brook Swainston I remember it well! Robert Waddell Watched Convoy with a few other families, as us kids played on the swings.

Vicki Henkelman The Hillman Minx and pineapple fritters life were good!! I also had a speaker in the shed for years oops! Kerry Perry Bring back the good times movie, chick, and food 24 June Julie Cleary We would back the panel van in and watch in comfort… So fun!

Mick Faber Great memories at the Drive-In. More of a party than a movie night. Kathleen Dickinson Holy geez I think I even remember where that used to be! Lol 23 June A fabulous vista from up there. Greg Black Some of the patrons would like to have a drink. Terry recalls a group of blokes in the late s who came in a tabletop truck. They parked the truck and got out their folding chairs and had an gallon keg.

Leanne Hall Remember getting in the boot to save money oh those were the days 23 June at Barbara Haddock Gann Lots of memories!! Ian Walton How many of you went there in the boot of a car, dusk till dawn R rated 23 June at Sharon Dal Broi Only 2 23 June at Ian Walton It was only a small car 23 June at Narelle Willcox We went to the skyline 23 June at Graham Reeves went there nearly every weekend, got thrown out a few times as well 23 June at Vicky Wallbank omg that was a long time ago but I still remember it..

Nick Flatman Golden memories Spent a number of trips in the boot 22 June at Nicolle Wilby Haha Nick I did too under blankets and stuff! Anthony Ayrz I remember it well,,,,, thought it was called Skyline….. I was about 7 when my parents took us there a few times….. Stephen Burke I did go there a few times. I did forget the name 23 June at Chris Townsend I remember it well. Drive-In great. Council sucked. Over the name 22 June at Eric Treuer I remember going there with my then-girlfriend and stopped in shock when I saw the name of the Drive-in.

I wish it was still there. Bill Russell Reason it was called gayline is that they lost their daughter at an early age Her name was Gay. Toni Lyall Baume We had a mattress in the back of the station wagon with the kids in their jammies. Susan Vale I remember watching one of the Star Wars films there.

I think it was a return of the Jedi. Robert Andersson Went there a hell of a lot. Matthew Frost Lisa Frost everything good was before our time. Rebecca Funnell Jill Funnell. Alison Russell That brings back memories I used to live behind the Drive-In it looks like the photo is taken from our old house which sadly has just been sold and will be knocked down but what fun we had there as kids and all the sneaky ways we had to get into the Drive-In. I loved the Drive-In.

Lauren Novella I remember sneaking in the boot just to save a few bucks!!!!! Who even watched the movies….. Sharon Land Memories remember Alison Russell when we had to go to the outdoor loo and if an R rated movie was on we were supervised outside my mum and dad lol. Back in the day you always got a backup film before the feature. Wayne McNamara Many mems…. Shane Sutcliffe I can just remember it as a 9-year-old before it closed.

Wayne Brennan Wow this sent some flashbacks off lol. Steve Gammage Remember it well, what u think Kerrie Gammage. Good times. Peter Thomas A fantastic place. Karenne Eccles Went there often in the 70s …. Lesley Cafarella this is where I met my husband Marc Cafarella 48 years ago …. Liz Jeffs Went all the time. Mike Attwood Brings back so many memories.

Dave Lutas Movie news!!! Vicki McGregor So many memories at the Gayline. Greg Mallitt Was a great place. Jane Walgers James. Graham Mackie Nat Kershaw. Cathie Patterson John Jones remember this. John Jones Sure do. Janelle Whittaker. Denise Charlton. We always went to that drive in with the kids, love it. We always had the Banana Fritters.

Kerrie Gammage. Dean Winship. Maria Gray. Steve Gammage. Janet Mcgilvray. Nothing but over crowded. Badly designed awful dog box housing estates there now grey and more grey yuck. Anne Watkins. When I was a kid, you could see the screen, looking over the paddocks, from the top of Doncaster Ave, Narellan. Just paddocks, what a memory. Chris Terry. Kim Girard. Kathy Anne Hunt. Kathy Anne Hunt omg I was so sick on them once. Chris Terry really. A collage of the former Clintons Motors car showroom.

The style building is influenced by Art Deco streamline detail to the exterior. I Willis, The year was a landmark in Australian motoring history with the launch of first Australian made mass produced motor car — the FX Holden sedan — in November. The National Museum of Australia states that. The Holden transformed suburban Australia, boosted national pride and quickly become a national icon. The car was economical, sturdy and stylish and was immediately popular with the public.

Clintons Motor promoted the new FX Holden motor car in The new car was highly anticipated by the Camden community. Camden News, 2 December Clinton Motors announced in September that it would sell the new Holden motor car Camden News, 23 September Camden News, 16 December The arrival of the new Holden as it was just called was highly anticipated by the Camden community.

Camden News , 16 December The former Clintons Motor building was an iconic stylish Art Deco Interwar influenced building with its clean streamlined appearance drawn from American and French influences. The business sold electrical goods as well as motor cars, accessories and tyres. S Rorke. A blue and white building with modernistic streamlined front and wide plate glass fittings. Inside, behind imposing doors set between giant white pillars, are to be seen a range of colourful displays that glistened beneath batteries of flourescent lights.

Big placards mounted on plastic coated display stands illustrate the advice which Goodyear gives motorists in obtaining tyres. Other plastic and glass tables hold an unexpectedly large variety of accessories for cars and trucks. Camden News, 18 March The new premises were constructed by Camden builder Jim Bracken on the former site of the Camden tweed mill which burnt down in and left a standing chimney for many years.

During the Interwar period the site was used a horse paddock. The new premises sold tyres, motor accessories and electrical goods including refrigerators. The cover of the sales brochure for the new Holden motor car in The new FX Holden created a great deal of excitement throughout the community on its release.

The former Clintons Motors showroom is one of the first buildings that visitors encounter as they enter the town centre after crossing the Cowpastures Bridge and the Nepean River floodplain on the former Hume Highway now Camden Valley Way. Clintons Motors at 16 Argyle Street Camden in The business was the Holden dealership for the Camden area.

The premises opened in Camden Images. The former car showroom is just one of a number of Interwar buildings that visitors can find in the charming town centre. There is the former Bank of New South Wales Westpac building, the brick front of the show hall pavilion, the Dunk building car showroom, the former Rural Bank building, the former Stuckey Bakery building, the milk depot.

Tucked around the corner is the former Paramount Movie palace and the Presbyterian church. Scattered in and around the town centre are a number of Californian bungalows which add to the atmospherics of the former country town. The Clinton group has a long history in the Macarthur region starting out a mobile theatre then moving into the Burragorang coalfields. In the s they had a transport business moving coal from the valley to the Camden and Narellan railhead.

The family incorporated the business in Clinton Motor Group and moved into Camden in February, Camden News, 21 February opening the new showroom in The business operated on this site until then moved to the former site of Frank Brooking car yard and motor dealership at the corner of Cawdor Road and Murray Streets.

Clintons Motors opened for business at its Narellan Hume Highway site in Camden News, 8 March Located in the upper reaches of the Williams River valley is the sleepy little town of Dungog nestled between the ridges that run through the town centre.

A picturesque country setting. The town is characterised by its wide streets, a legacy from the colonial days when it was necessary to be able to turn around a bullock wagon. An interesting and colourful collection of Colonial, Edwardian and Interwar buildings dot the town centre that make the commercial precinct of the town.

This postcard shows Dowling Street Dungog around The view today has many similarities with this picture. M Williams. The blacksmith was one of the key trades in Dungog as it was in most rural settlements in colonial Australia and in the homeland of rural England. The motor car made an appearance in the early 20 th century and the local blacksmiths turned their hand to car maintenance. Established in it replaced a blacksmith shop and has many features characteristic of the Interwar period.

There is street location of the petrol bowser and the rear workshop retains many features of the period. The Davey and Olsen garage is found at Dowling Street Dungog and is part of the 19 th century commercial precinct made up of traditional trades and services along Dowling Street. A view of the Davey and Olsen garage from the Interwar period. The building is incorporated into the building when the images are compared with each other.

The family business acquired the Ford dealership in and the garage grew to serve the growing number of car owners which was encouraged by the construction of the Chichester Dam op.

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Forex club brokerage account When daylight saving was introduced moved to later starts. Thousands of troops passed through the camp during its operation between and A Bailey. Tweed Daily, 27 October There were two movie projectors and one slide projector. Shane Sutcliffe I can just remember it as a 9-year-old before it closed.
Investing op amp buffer circuit Caboolture QLD, Australia. Silverwater Park, Clyde St, Silverwater I think they finished the keg. A lifetime member of the New South Wales Returned and Services League of Australiahe never discussed his wartime service with his family until I married his daughter. I Willis, Acknowledgements The author would like to acknowledge the assistance provided by the local studies librarians at the Campbelltown City Library in the completion of this blog post. November 5th

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Thanks to our friends at Yatala 3 Drive-In Theatre. Experience co-ordinating for animation, FX or post-production, an advantage! bulv.shelu.xyz Shrek Dress Up Screening @Yatala Drive In. ראשון AM · ‏‎Yatala Drive-. Animation TV & Movies Real-Time Strategy Video Games. Thu 17 Feb; Field 1 - pm: Uncharted (M); Field 1 - pm: Jackass Movie (MA 15+); Field 2 - pm: Spider-Man: No Way Home (M); Field 2 - pm.