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Starcraft 2 protoss turtle strategy in forex red and black suit vest

Starcraft 2 protoss turtle strategy in forex

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However, it has quite a lot of counters in the Protoss army. Colossi, High Templars and Archons all make short work of large groups of clamped up units. This is where the G comes in. That G comes from Ghost. So we are left with Colossi, but if the Terran has a few Vikings which he will since he already has Starports with reactors , this Terran army becomes unstoppable.

So what is a Protoss going to do about it? The answer lies in a combination between sentries, zealots, stalkers and archons or colossi. Due to their high hit points, extra armor and high damage, zealots make perfect units to have against this combination. Add charge and guardian shield from sentries on top of that, and they become monsters in a melee fight, countering both marines and marauders. Be careful when positioning the sentries.

Make sure they are not clumped up, so that the Terran will need more than 1 EMP to take away their energy. The recent radius decrease for EMP makes this a lot easier for Protoss players. Another powerful tactic Terrans can use against Protoss is the build. There are several issues with this build, for Protoss players. First, it is very difficult to scout. As you can see, there are two variations of this build as if scouting problems were not enough ; the banshee and the raven The raven is easier to defend against.

The whole purpose of the raven is to use their point-defense-drone ability, which nullifies projectile based attacks at the cost of energy. This will make your stalkers useless untill the drone is gone. You can also use sentries to focus down the drones so that you can use your stalkers.

The banshee is much more complicated to hold out against. The banshees will probably have cloak, and they can harass your mineral lines or even the main army at will. You have to ways of dealing with pesky banshees: either through observers or photon cannons.

But here comes the issue with this build. This means you will have to rely on immortals. This is bad. No offence to the immortals, they are great units, but the marine mass will make short work of them, leaving you defenseless against tanks. If you choose to defend your mineral lines with cannons and go for archons, you will be at a disadvantage on the battlefield.

So what do we do now? Dealing with this requires outside the box thinking. Protoss players have come up with several ingenious ways of dealing with this rush:. Keep in mind that you must have at least two bases by the time this push hits. If you do not, the Terran will have the economic advantage over you due to MULEs, and he will simply be able to replenish his army and attack again. A lot of Protoss players find it difficult to handle mass mutalisks.

In large flocks, mutalisks can be deadly, they provide awesome map control, your ground units can be kited to the graveyard and back, your economy will be harassed, and when you expect it least, a large herd of blood-thirsty zerglings will run rampart in your base. So, how do we stop this?

First of all, we have to scout this build. When it is obvious that the Zerg will attempt to produce mutalisks, you will have to start building a Stargate and create phoenixes as soon as possible. In addition to this, build photon cannons in your mineral lines and in sensitive locations around your base. The Zerg will usually get 7 to 10 mutalisks and attack your mineral lines. Once you have held off the initial push, use your remaining phoenix to harass the Zerg base.

Keep sniping queens and overlords. Each kill is a blow to their powerful economy. If they simply stay in their base and mass mutalisks, when you have around 10 phoenixes, go pay them a visit and thin the flock a little. Meanwhile, on the ground, you should be massing archons and zealots.

Archons are awesome mutalisk killers. When you have enough, attack the Zerg. The Zerg will be forced to engage your ground army with the mutalisk cloud. The whole point here is to cause the confrontation. Mutalisks are good harassment units, but they are pretty bad at direct combat. As a side note, you may have noticed that mutalisks have a bounce attack. Each time a mutalisk attacks, it will hit a grand total of three targets. The first target will take full damage from the attack minus armor.

Which means the 3rd bounce will deal very little damage. Upgrading your air armor first will make your phoenix a lot more resilient, because the 1 extra armor nullifies the 3rd bounce. Another interesting thing about the phoenix is its ability to attack on the run. This makes them potent harassment units against Zerg. With their superior agility, phoenixes can kill overlords and perform hit and run attacks while avoiding enemy air defences.

They are also very good scouts, good map control units, and can provide support for ground units by lifting up dangerous enemy units such as infestors. A very solid unit composition, this build will obliterate you if you are not paying attention and do not prepare accordingly. Usually, the Zerg preparing this composition will turtle with a lot of spine crawlers to stop your early rush attempts with ground units and will expand all over the map and slow tech up to brood lords.

You have to prevent him from doing that. The obvious counter here is the void ray. They obliterate spine crawlers, kill overlords in a matter of seconds, quickly snipe enemy tech buildings, and when massed, they can even take out groups of hydralisks and queens. If you fail to pressure the Zerg, retreat and play the macro game. Get a healthy combination of phoenixes and void rays, a couple of archons and large numbers of zealots.

The brood lords are your main problem here. They spawn large numbers of broodlings, which hinder the mobility of ground units. The phoenix-void ray combo makes short work of any air army protecting the brood lords, which will die in no time due to their low movement speed and inability to attack air targets. Once the brood lords are gone, use the phoenix to lift up infestors and other dangerous zerg units. The zealots and archons down on the ground will handle large numbers of zerglings and broodlings.

Regardless of what race you pick up, mirror matches will always have one good strategy that both you and your opponent will attempt to perform. The protoss vs protoss matchup is usually about the guy who gets the warp gate tech and 4 gateways faster. Blizzard understands this, and attempted to fix the issue with several patch changes. Of course, they acknowledged this through a joke, but they admitted it nonetheless:. Protoss players that are matched against another Protoss player will automatically start the game with 4 Gateways and Warp Gate tech researched.

So we had the warp gate tech research time increased, archon range increased from 2 to 3, and immortal attack range increased from 5 to 6. Although the last two changes were not directly aimed at fixing the protoss vs protoss match up more like helping protoss against Terran builds , they did open up a few strategies in a matchup otherwise completely dominated by 4 gates push. Basically, there are several options when it comes to stopping the 4 gates push. Because of its increased research time, the push will hit latter and it gives players more time to actually do something other than a defensive 4 gates.

The main purpose of the 3 gates-robo build is to get immortals out. Immortals are very powerful against stalkers, which will be the main unit used in the 4 gates push. You should be able to get immortals out before the 4 gates hits. Once the gateway is finished, start building the cybernetics core and get a second assimilator. When cybernetics core is done research warp gate tech , build another gateway and a robotics facility.

Finally, build the third gateway when you have enough resources. Start building immortals as soon as you have the robotics done. An observer or two can also prove useful, but remember they will cut your immortal count if you build too many. Use the three warp gates to get a decent count of gateway units. Getting a few sentries is also advised, since they can split the enemy army in half with forcefields. The 2 gates proxy rush is also a good way of stopping the 4 gates as it hits a lot earlier, at a time when the enemy will have close to no units.

Even if it fails to defeat the opponent, the damage it inflicts is usually enough to stop the 4 gates push and take the game into mid game, while also giving you an economic advantage. If the game is not a rush, then the opponent will most likely attempt to get a sizeable force of stalkers and colossi. He will usually turtle in his base with a few cannons and will expand during the mid-game. In this case, you should expand fast and macro up faster than he does.

Since we are talking more than 1 base here, you can easily tech to all 3 late-game paths. There are several unit combinations you can choose from:. If you are tired of the never-ending stalker fights in protoss vs protoss, you can try something different: Phoenix Play. Because they are very agile, they can perform a lot of hit and run attacks, cripple an economy, scout and ensure map control.

The first response you will get to phoenix play is, of course, more stalkers. In this case, the zerg player must change strategies or force to face a failure. Other than roaches, the only other zerg unit the immortal is good against is the ultralisk. Vs Protoss: If the opposing protoss player has a lot of stalkers, then immortals will take them out like nothing. But if the colossi can get the Extended Thermal Lance upgrade for the colossi, it makes it much harder for the immortals to take out the colossi.

Generally most protoss vs protoss match ups will be better off building colossi rather than immortals. You also have to watch out for Phoenix, since they can "beam" up the immortals and make them useless then. The Colossus is a great unit. It can walk up and down cliffs, is relatively quick and does splash damage with it's Thermal Lance weapons. They make great support units for backing up your stalkers, carriers, void rays, or really anything else the protoss have.

However I would not just mass these out by themselves with no other units to back them up. Colossi make great units for attacking defensive structures from a distance, you can easily wipe out towers, bunkers or the enemy's guarded choke points with no problem. This will put you well out of range of being hit by any defensive structure and allow you to break through it unharmed. NOTE: Air units can hit colossi, so units like corruptors and vikings can pose a serious threat to them.

Actually anything can hit them, they are considered both a ground unit and an air unit in a way , so they are very vulnerable to all attacks. NOTE: Colossi are great combined with carriers and a mothership, they can follow them efficiently thanks to the ability for them to walk up and down cliffs. Vs protoss: You will definitely want to get a few Colossi in your army to fight the opposing protoss player.

In most protoss ground battles, whoever seems to manage to get the most Colossi out will win. You will have to watch out for immortals, the best way to counter immortals is to simply upgrade the Extended Thermal Lances at the Robotics Bay, this will put them out of harms way of the immortals. Alternatively you can use the Phoenix unit to beam up the immortals more on that later.

Vs terran: Colossi are great against the terrans. You have to watch out if they have 2 or more starports, they will most likely try to mass vikings, in which case your Colossi are useless against. So know what the enemy has. Vs zerg: Once again this totally depends on what the zerg is going for. Colossi are great against hydras, zerglings, banelings, and roaches. If you see the zerg is going mass roaches you are actually better off just massing out immortals to take care of that.

Same thing applies to ultralisks, immortals will do a better job against them than Colossi. So basically it comes down to the best case to use Colossi against the zerg, is if they are going mostly mass zerglings and hydras. I personally feel the High Templar got slightly weaker compared to starcraft 1, they still are very powerful units however, and the Psionic Storm ability is one of the most powerful in the game. Feedback ability: High Templar can use the Feedback ability, here is the description: Drains all energy from the target unit and causes damage equal to the amount of energy drained.

This can be very useful when fighting massive units that have energy or other strategic units, such as the following listed from best used on to the least used on for each race :. TIP: When going into battle, I would quickly use the feedback ability on units like the mothership, battlecruiser, medivac, thor, infestor, or corruptors rather than storming them, as you would be doing more overall damage.

Save your storms for more tightly packed smaller units. High Templar work slightly better in armies with stalkers relative to zealots, since you have a better chance of not accidently storming yourself your zealots. However, any other strategy the terrans do and High Templar becomes less useful.

Vs Protoss: This is probably the least case where you would want to build High Templar against. Storms are weaker overall against the protoss, and the feedback ability is less useful here as well. Vs Zerg: A little more useful here, as zerg units are in large numbers and can get tightly packed together.

Storms work great against the zerg as long as they don't quickly move out of it. TIP: During battles when your high templar run out of energy from storming and feedback, they become useless then, when that happens in order to make use of them it would be to the best of your interest to combine them into archons.. To make an archon you need to combine 2 templars together, either a dark templar or a high templar, or 1 of each, and it don't matter which combination you use.

So depending on which of the 3 different combinations you decide to combine will be a totally different gas and mineral costs. Here is the breakdown of the costs differences needed to make an Archon:. So the cheapest overall method would be to combine 2 High Templar, even though that is the highest gas cost, but lowest mineral costs. If you have less gas to spend relative to minerals, then you would be better off combining 2 Dark Templar instead.

Archons are very powerful units that deal splash damage to both ground and air units, they have a high hitpoint shield hps , but only 10 actual hitpoints once the shield is gone, and they have an attack range of 2.

So if you plan on getting archons, upgrading shields at the forge is a wise thing to do. They also do bonus damage to biological units, so they do extra damage to ALL zerg units. Shields regenerate a bit faster in Starcraft 2 compared to Starcraft 1, so archons can replenish their shields faster after battle.

If you see an archon shields low in battle, pull them back out of the battle to replenish, then put them back in battle later once they have replenished their shields. However I feel the archons are slightly weaker overall compared to Starcraft 1, thanks to their slower movement speed and overall less usefulness.

Archons are generally strong against all melee units in the game and are weak against long ranged attackers. Built from the Robotics Facility, an observer is always cloaked and is also a detector. They are relatively cheap and use up only 1 farm space, but they cannot attack, they are simply spying units. They can be used to scout the map to see if your enemy expands, you can send one over to their main base to see what they are building, you can have them follow your opponents army around to always see where they are going with their army.

You can have them patrol around certain parts of the map to spy over potential expansion sites. It's also generally useful to always have an observer or two in your army to detect any invisible or burrowed units. Just about every time I first build a Robotics Facility I always crank a few of these out, as they are units that can be useful for any game.

TIP: One thing I like to do with observers is to have one of them in my main army and set my rally points for all my unit producing buildings to go to the observer, so all my newly produced units will go right to my army when they are built. This is a similar concept to the Warcraft 3 heroes, in which we always had our rally points on our heroes in Warcraft 3 so newly produced units will go right to your army.

Just think of the same thing with an observer. Since observers cannot attack and are always cloaked, they are least likely to die. These are one of the least used protoss units, and I hardly ever build them. They are very quick but are not great attackers on their own. Despite doing bonus damage to light units, they are still weak when fighting mutas, so I would not build these for the purpose of fighting mutas. They can fly around and kill overlords with ease though.

The Graviton Beam ability is really why you would want to build Phoenixes.. Graviton Beam: Makes the target unit float into the air, disabling its abilities. Effect lasts up to 10 seconds. This is a channeled ability, the phoenix must stay still and not attack while using this ability.

Other units can attack the beamed units. It cannot be used on massive units however. Here are the best units to use this against:. Vs Protoss: Immortals and Archons - Disabling the protoss's Immortals can put the opposing protoss player in big trouble. Vs Zerg: Infestors and Queens - One strategy you can use against the zerg is to send a small fleet of Phoenixes into the zerg's base and use the Graviton Beam on their queen, and use the other Phoenixes to take the queen out.

But even then a small fleet of void rays can accomplish the same thing. You can also send one Phoenix and one void ray to accomplish the same thing as well, just have your Phoenix beam up the queen while the voidray does the damage.

Beaming up the zerg Infesters is a good tactic so they cant use the zerg Infester's spells on you. Phoenixes are also a good counter to mutas, however void rays are generally a better overall option to get vs the zerg. Disabling siege tanks from attacking you is obviously a big plus as well.

Phoenix are also a good counter to the banshee. Another strategy I like to do with the Phoenix, is to go to their worker units and beam one up, then quickly cancel, then beam another one up, cancel again, then run out of there.

The workers will stop mining, and the opposing player may never put it back on the resources, thus wasting a unit. Do these on gas miners, and they may wonder why they are not getting gas fast enough. The Warp Prism is the air transport unit for the protoss, it can also deploy as a pylon so you can warp in units under it. The problem with Warp Prisms is how inconvenient they are. They cost minerals, fly slow without the upgrade , take up 2 farm space, and take awhile to build. So most players will end up building something else at the Robotics Facility that is more cost effective such as the immortal or colossus.

Disclaimer: The following sections will describe the protoss in typical matchups vs different races and type of games. Please keep in mind that this information may change over time as new strategies will develop and new strategies will come into play. This section will be expanded more over time with replay commentaries etc. Also please keep in mind most of the information below is already covered in the information above, but I have it organized if you need to quickly learn what it takes to do the various matchups without reading ALL the info above.

In a protoss vs Terran match-up there could be several opening options. Typically the protoss can do 2 very good opening strategies:. The protoss can attempt to proxy rush the terrans. This involves sending a probe over to the Terrans base right at the start of the game and build 2 gateways, and then flood them with zealots. This lacks on economy, and if the terrans manage to stop it, you will be in a hole. In order for the terrans to stop it, they would have to build a bunker with marines to protect their workers if the protoss built the gateways inside their base.

If they built their gateways outside their base, the terrans will have to build a bunker with marines right at the choke point and make sure it is blocked very well and SCVs are on hand to repair the damaged buildings at the choke point. The usual strategy the protoss does vs another terran is to simply go into a Stalker build order at the beginning, and focus on pumping out a small number of stalkers, then switch over to getting some zealots in your army.

By doing this, you will be fully prepared for any reaper or hellion rush they will throw at you. Another decent opening strategy you may do against the terrans is to fast expand with doing a pylon, forge, photon cannon at the expansion site, then a pylon and a photon cannon at the main base to stop any reaper rushes.

Then get your second nexus, followed by a few more photon cannons, then build a gateway, followed by a cybernetics core. I would avoid starting a game vs the terran with a zealot rush, where your gateways are in your own base. Playing any decent Terran player and this strategy will not succeed.

In the mid game, the terrans may try to rush you with an MMM army , in this case you will want to make sure your army is comprised of mostly zealots upgraded with the charge ability. Instead of spending gas on stalkers , switch over to getting high templar. Also consider getting a few sentries for the guardian shield ability to deduce all the ranged damage. If the terrans are getting siege tanks , get some Immortals to take them out along with upgraded zealots with the charge ability. The immortals will take a lot of reduced damage from the siege tanks with their hardened shields.

The Terrans may counter that by going with a bunch of ghosts to use EMP to take out the Immortals hardened shields. You can recounter that by simply not producing immortals and instead just massing out zealots. Another alternative is to use high templar's feedback ability to take out the Ghost's energy.

But the ghost may cloak themselves, in that situation you would need observers of course. Yet another alternative is to get a few Phoenixes and beam up the siege tanks to disable them. If the Terrans have a lot of bunkers, missile turrets, supply depots and other buildings blocking a certain area and you wish to go through it, your best bet is to build a lot of colossi and upgrade their attack range at the Robotics Bay.

The colossi will then be well out of range to kill the bunkers and towers without getting hurt. You will have to watch out for siege tanks. In this case if your colossi are getting hit by the tanks, you can attempt to kill the tanks with your colossi and then move back, or quickly kill the bunkers and then send your troops in to take care of the rest.

The terrans may go mass vikings , this could be a nasty situation. In this case you should be okay if you have a mixture of zealots and stalkers. Also consider getting a few sentries for the guardian shield ability. You can kick this up a notch by getting immortals in your army, they will take the vikings out quick when they land to fight. I would also keep an immortal or two at your expansion sites to protect them from vikings landing and killing your worker units.

You may have to build some photon cannons or keep stalkers around to if they have some banshees in their "harassing" army. The worst thing about dealing with mass vikings is them harassing you. They will attempt to land in your base when your not there and kill anything you got then lift up and fly away when you come. So your best bet is to pump out observers and have them sit all around the map so you know where they are at, at all times. Also send probes to the Xel'Naga Towers to reveal large portions of the map.

Your army should be able to take them out with no problem, you just need to be aware of where they are at. Against Banshees: The Terrans may come in with a bunch of cloaked banshees and try to kill your worker units. If you were caught by surprise you may be in trouble. That is why scouting is so important in this game. In this situation you need to get observers out ASAP to reveal the banshees to kill them. Against Thors: If they got thors , the best thing you can do is get immortals combined with zealots to take them out.

Against Battlecruisers: Use a combination of stalkers and void rays. If you mass one of those two out you should have no problem against Battlecruisers. Anytime a nuke is launched the game will tell everyone in it that a "Nuclear Launch is Detected. Immediately when you hear that, you need to look all around your army or base for a shining red dot on the ground and immediately move any of your units away from that dot and then try to kill the Ghost by using detection from observers and kill it.

In a Protoss vs zerg matchup a proxy rush proves very powerful. Simply send a probe over to your opponents base at the beginning of the game and build a pylon followed by 2 gateways, try to stay out of range where you will not get scouted, and then flood them with zealots. If you see them building spine crawlers, try to take them out first, followed by their worker units. However most pros will be able to counter the proxy rush, and since the proxy rush is considered an "all-in" strategy, I normally do not recommend doing it in an expert matchup.

I would generally not build stalkers against the zerg right away. You need to see what they are going for. If you start the game with 2 gateways in your base and put a zealot rush on them, that works good and I recommend doing that most of the time against the zerg. If you see a baneling nest, then I would focus on getting more stalkers than zealots. The banelings can take out zealots quick but not stalkers so much.

If you see a roach warren, you will need to get a Robotics Facility up and build immortals along with some stalkers. You should also get an observer or two for detected burrowed roaches and for scouting purposes.

Against hydras , you will want to go with mass zealots with the upgraded charge ability and try to get some colossi out as well. High Templar PSI storm also works very well against hydras. If the zerg player is going with zerglings and mutas , things can get nasty. You will want to get plenty of zealots to take out the zerglings along with enough stalkers to take care of the mutas.

I would also get blink so you can blink your stalkers closer to the mutas quicker. I would also build a few photon cannons around your worker units to protect them. If you see they are very aggressive with the mutas, it would not hurt to get some Phoenixes to protect your base from muta attacks. You can then send a Phoenix around the map to kill any overlords watching over mineral sites, that can really put a damper in their food supply.

Also kill any Overseers that may be lurking outside of your base so they can't scout you. In the late game the zerg may go mass corruptors and brood lords. This is a very nasty situation, the best way to combat this would be to go mass stalkers and use blink to blink up closer to the brood lords and make sure they are attacking the brood lords and not the broodlings. Remember Brood Lords can make an infinite amount of free broodlings. You can get some zealots in your army to soak up the damage from the broodlings.

Against Ultralisks: Avoid getting zealots against Ultralisks , and instead focus on getting immortals with a few stalkers for support. And of course any air unit is good against Ultralisks since they cannot attack air units. Mass carriers.

Mass Carriers work great against the zerg, the only thing you need to watch out for is corruptors. If they have corruptors, you may want to switch to stalkers to take the corruptors down. There are several opening possibilities the protoss can do here. The opposing protoss may attempt to proxy rush you.

In this case, you can attempt to stop it by blocking your choke point with a forge followed by photon cannons, then you can follow through continuing on from there since you will be protected from zealot rushes. You can also attempt to stop it by simply building 2 gateways at your base and simply out build them in zealots.

If you find yourself in a situation where both players are proxy rushing each other, then things can get funny. In this case, try to get a probe over to their base, destroy their nexus and quickly rebuild at their base, and you should be okay. Just try to save any other probes at your base and send them to your new one.

If things go well then he may not be doing the same thing as you and it's gg. If both players build gateways in their own base and do a zealot rush, it is best to build your buildings at your choke point to block it, while teching up to sentries and stalkers to fully protect your choke point. Just have sentries use the force field ability to block zealots from coming into your base while your stalkers hit them from range. You have to watch out though, he may be "containing" you in your base with zealots outside of your base while he is expanding.

In that situation you can get a bunch of stalkers out and use hit-and-run against the zealots. Research blink and then go harass at his base killing any workers you can. There are several strategies can be done in mid game. You can follow through with teching to void rays and harass, you can continue to build an army of zealots and stalkers with some immortals. You can attempt a dark templar rush. You can camp out and tech hard to carriers. Here are the differences and counters for these strategies.

Stalkers, zealots, and immortals is a very good combination. However mass zealots with charge can generally beat this. Teching to void rays can be very devastating. You can build 2 starports or more if you have an expansion and crank out void rays. Get the acceleration upgrade and go harass non-stop. If your lucky he may only have mostly zealots. If the opposing protoss has stalkers, just use hit and run non-stop.

If they get blink your void rays will be in more trouble. At this point you will want to make sure you are getting enough upgraded zealots to take out the stalkers. Dark templar rush: I got this fully covered here. Colossus work great against the protoss, and I recommend switching over from immortals to colossi, since they are generally more worth the cost than immortals.

I would only keep building some immortals for support if they are simply going all ground armored units, such as stalkers and colossi. The ultimate strategy the protoss can do is mass carriers combined with a mothership , along with maybe a few colossi and zealots for support.

Of course this is very pricey and in most 1v1 games is unlikely to happen. During a FFA, you can attempt to build 2 gateways in your base and mass zealots out and go rush everybody. If you are lucky you may kill a few players, but then you will be in a hole for the remaining players. The safest way to win most FFAs with the protoss is to do a quick expansion by starting off with building a pylon, forge, photon cannon, photon cannon at your natural expansion site, followed by a nexus and then a few more photon cannons.

If there is a terran player in the battle, you can build 1 pylon and 1 photon cannon at your main base to protect yourself from reapers. From there you will be safe from any rushes while teching to higher tier units and upgrades while your economy is jump started. Then you can get a 3rd expansion later once you get your army going strong. In FFA games, camping in your base while teching is not a bad strategy at all.

Unlike Warcraft 3, where if you camped in a FFA your heroes will be far behind in level and you would probably lose. Well in Starcraft 2 there are no heroes or upkeep, so camping is okay in starcraft 2. I know this I have played over a FFA games in starcraft 2 beta and my record is about 90 wins, 10 losses. Here are the build order options you can do in FFA with protoss, starting with the least overall recommended strategy to the most powerful overall strategy in my opinion:.

Zealot Rush : As I said above, you may kill a few players, but you will probably then be in a hole for the rest of the game. I do not recommend doing this actually. Zealot , stalker , and sentry rush : These units are good for mid game, but you will be in trouble for any player who is camping to higher tier units to take these out. Stalker , colossi rush: This is not too bad of a strategy, however there are better ones out there.

Mass void rays : I have seen a lot of protoss players going mass void rays in FFA, but non have out matched my carriers, ever. Mass carriers : Mass carriers is extremely powerful. This can stop most things in this game. However you can crank it up a notch by getting a few support units in the mix:. Mass carriers with a mothership , backed up by colossi and zealots : This is the ultimate army the protoss can make to protect themselves from most stuff you will come across in an FFA.

The only thing you may consider is, if you see the enemies are going mass air with no ground, then do not build any colossi, save your money for more carriers. You can read more in-depth about this strategy here. In team games it is recommend that you focus on rushing as much as possible and keep your enemies from reaching your base. You ultimately want to try to kill off worker units to put their economy in a hole.

In team games I recommend getting a plan going right from the start, communicate with your allies and ask them what they are building. Focus on massing out only like units only, have your ally do the same, get a good mixture and you will be good. For example, you can have your allied zerg player go mass zerglings with some mutas later, while you go mass stalkers with some colossi later. You got both ground and air covered nicely. I usually start all my team games with 2 gateways and build enough zealots to rush or prevent rushes.

From there I then branch off to other strategies. I especially do this in 2v2 games. You can take a risk and tech up in 4v4 games as long as your allies are not teching too. WoL Missions:. Zerg Guide Menu:. Terran Guide Menu:.

Protoss Guide Menu:. By: Furious Paul - October 31, Unique visitors to FuriousPaul. Brood Lord , Mutalisk , Ultralisk. Baneling , Roach. Hydralisk , Infestor , Queen, Zergling. Carrier , Mothership , Void Ray. Archon , Colossus , Dark Templar. Sentry , Stalker. High Templar , Immortal. Battlecruiser , Banshee. Hellion , Reaper.

Ghost , Marauder , Siege Tank , Viking. Marine , Thor. Dark Templar , Zealot. Void Ray. Marauder , Marine , Siege Tank. Battlecruiser , Ghost , Raven , Thor. Banshee , Hellion , Reaper , Viking. Corruptor , Hydralisk. Mutalisk , Queen. Stalker , Archon , Phoenix. Carrier , Sentry. Marine , Viking. Battlecruiser , Ghost. Overseer , Brood Lord , Mutalisk. Baneling , Hydralisk.

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