proving elder financial exploitation
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Proving elder financial exploitation forex 88

Proving elder financial exploitation

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I do not have the funds to stop her and she knows it. Dad had another will written putting me in power. Within one week she had bullied him into changing it giving her the poa and executor. Still lived in his own home which i wanted to buy but sister refused me and sold it out from under me he still drove and had full access to his finances. The problem was so did my sister. His demeanor was very loud and yelling when he realized she was stealing thousands.

So she used pills to dope him. He fell. She put him in hospital then nursing home the worst one in the area took ALL his medication away, diabetes too and he died. Before he passed, he told me he was ready to go home. To his house not to die that was the last i talked to him. This is only a tip of the iceburg..

In my opinion this is no different than the Menendez brothers murdering their parents for their money only smiling in their face and pretending to care makes it cruel. My brothers first wife whom were married over 30 yes ago and less than two years if marriage found out that I won a lawsuit for my mother. My father was atomic vet All of a sudden she was hanging around and telling my mom she could not pay her bills etc. As the last year went by she stated getting her meds saying she was saving her money etc.

My mom it turns out has been paying her. Bills for over a year. In July she had to move ,mom asked could we let her put her junky motor home here. She was suppose to be moving to her niecas in Montgomery county. I got. Later that nite I called and she kept saying I just got her asleep an other excuses. I said no it is for the family. My brother had been married for 25 years to his wife.

This woman has been married for around years to a guy named David. They were divorced a few years before she started hanging around. As the past year went buy mom was defending her and paying large amounts of money. She either rented her a place or rented her a house.

She was whith her when both attacks stroke happens. We found strange meds. Told me she had my mom put on life shuhppjort without contacting me or my brother I feel that she. This is fraud! I suspect ,I know a woman who was married to my brother over Thirty years ago for 3 years. She had e remarries so has my brother. My father passed and I filled a suit atonic vets. And got 75 ooo.

Saying she was the only one that could get her meds. My mom said she had been paying her bills. Mom passed Feb. I found meds that the labels were different than her normal med lables from Walmart. These are way different. I found a 10, dollar recipt for an RV.

Mama bought a real nice one and payd 22,00 for it. I saw her and she was resly yyset she kept telling me that this winan kept telling the hospital she was her daughter. A few day later she was again with my mother. She supossedly had another stroke. I was not notified for 24 hours.

But the hospital let her put money on lifsupport machine. She toild they she was her daughter. That is fraud I want her prosecuted for claimimng to be a family member and a daughter to do something my mom never wanted. How do I get help?

I cannot handle another year. My spouse me talked into adding him to all I owned and all joint. My spouse was supposedly broke. I cashed part of my retirement to help start a small business, then claimed he stopped. Early on took out a loan, I signed. Later I found out it was a Home Equity Loan. I became disabled and deemed so by an ALJ. The spouse sold my Grand Marque. I never seen a Severance check or knew of one till Ended up confined and had to depend on him to take me to all medical appointments.

I was isolated from family and friends. My Retirement during marriage was used during marriage. Spouse always demanded cash, plus help for his dogs and drag racing. My Savings and stocks gone. Judge quashed Subpoenas. There was absolutely nothing my Attorney did. I have lost all my dignity. The judge seeing joint documents denied, stating not enough evidence. My attorney did not inform me, but coerced me, told me horried things and how my spouse had damming evidence against me.

I cannot help the way I replied as my counselor just stood and staired at me. I did not understand and to upset to hear what was said to comprehend. I was the problem and robbing my spouse due to my diseases. I paid I have chronic medical conditions. Even Appeals Court denied. My life is destroyed. Ahh where is the mortgage money????

The only hope I have is cfpb that is now investigating. I was told I was never joint on any of his accounts. So why are they on my credit report and why is my name on mortgages I did not sign and a waver? Maybe more. They are still investigating. I filed a grievance. No money for malpractice case. This is just a part of abuse and financial abuse and undue influence. The house I upgraded 40 yrs ago depreciated more than half and he was awarded.

Everything said is exactly what happened to me in a new marriage. And then I became disabled. I had no help! My own Attorney did absolutely nothing. And had my husband testify against me in court. He placed mortgages on property. Plus a waiver on some retirement? What did he do with the money? I gave cash for a small business he stopped, but 13 yrs later he still had some type of business? My retirement was used and savings because he was broke demanding cash.

I was abused and isolated. Now divorced, the Judge or Court doesnt care about the hardship or if I end up on the street. This amount is assumed. I was coerced by my Attorney. I had No evidence said the judge? How do you get evidence without subpoenas or if all is paperless? Or your Attorney does not care? I never thought the Judicial System would treat someone disabled with chronic medical conditions so horribly. But then my Attorney did not request my medical records nor want the letter from the ALJ.

My EX also used medical bills stating he paid. Which ones Ive not been shown nor evidence. Plus contracted payments. There was an appeal, that Attorney omitted my disabilities. I entered a complaint on the former attorney with evidence and affidavits. One of these called the Attorney Generals Office.

I was told to start over!!! The Judge listens to this and the garbage said. Why a lower court? Changed at the last minute. And left the Attorneys to decide the division and my fate? Very funny. She paying to move to another state? I am totally depressed and humiliated. I have lost all I accomplished. It is and I am distroyed and nothing left for my children or their children.

I am dealing with a situation in Ventua with a housekeeper taking money from my mom and other residents. Im not sure who to contact and how to get a investingation going. My brother is abusing our parents and me. He told her it was a Mexican Restaurant and left her there for good. The Assited living my mom is in is the second cheapest in all of Orange County. My mom has more than million dollars to live off of But her son wants her in the cheapest because more money for him.

He took me off and my mom, dads wife of almost 50 years of knowing Any Medical info. All of my dads docs have contacted extremely concerned. My neighbor had his granddaughter sign his house over to her and he is 85 And needs the money to live on as his daughter died. We live in Arizona. Thank you. I have been caring for her since She died a year ago complications from a fall.

She told me about it and I mailed it. There were people trying to move her out. When she went into the nursing home all of her papers were accounted for except her will and that one insurance policy. She told me she made me the beneficiary of that policy. I turned in all the documents that only her POA could acquire and found out someone else is the beneficiary.

Do I have any recourse, and can get that money back? I paid the premiums, had her buried and paid all her debts. My brother in law recently passed away and left my disabiled sister alone. He handled all the finances and she had no idea what was going on.

I live over an hour drive so it was hard for me to get to her. Robyn ended up using the atm card for her personal use. My sister got susupisous when a check came to her house that car insurance had been overpaid. Robyn was trying to put her and her boyfriend on the account.

She said it would cover what she owed my sister. Maybe the police department would take it more seriously if we had a report. Police have her address. Commenter Robert is right. My dad fits this story too, and Stockholm Syndrome prevents him from taking any action against the perpetrator. All they care about is money. My friend needs an Attorney referral for the san Dimas area of Los Angeles county.

Please send a name of one. Preferably a woman. Thank you and God Bless. I had something similar happen to me a little more twisted. My older sister new about it when her and her husband moved in. My boyfriend into computers told them about micro soft which her husband invested.

I became a flight attendant then later became a bartender eventually opening my own bar. Sometime money controls people. Eventually after 35 years of marriage her and her husband divorces both with new boyfriends and girlfiends it was approximately even years ago my father removed her from the will he felt he helped his children and she should help her she got tired of her throwing her money to her friend and her expensive taste.

I enjoyed their company we were very close. My sister mocked me for this. Her son was living with me parent for about 7 years him and his mom started drinking together heavily then my mom and dad had their very first accident. They were ok a girl was speeding down the road back road and mot mother saw her flying to late as she pulled from a stop sign nobody was hurt but from the girls speed she spun around taking down a telephone pole My sister started acting really strange like I was up to some hung started accusing me of things I had no clue about then the day her son was moving out she truck my mom tried to trick me that day and did regarding my dad bug bite in hissrinach Washington blood poisoning my mother then ran him in the emergency room.

Since I lived closer to it I went over to emergency room and waiting with him. My mom must of felt something and ran back to catch my sister and her son running out with her bags of money. My mom asked to move in with me and so they did. A week before the house got sold in auction she took my parents away. It was not fun trying to find a lawyer. Not this kind of lawyer not this area. I was devistaed dudnt know what to do. After on a friend of mine told me you can get what was said at the trial.

Lied about everything and I have proof. Lied I took my parents to doctors when I good and well pleased. What is with liars and thieves. They lie you are just like themselves my father duedvinjan my mother is still in thus piss hole of a home a jail. My mom and I went everywhere together. We had fun now my only family in life is half gone my inheritance is gone.

And these liars are walking around happy they won. The new wife pushed all family out and changed the number. Would leave him for hours and days at a time with no food or money knowing he is a diabetic. We have had the Reed Rd properties on the waterfront in our family for generations which was supposed to be passed to my father, whom passed before my grandfather, so my two brothers and I were next of kin.

Banned me from going down there. Banned my brother and his wife. My Grandfather started getting noticably weaker and more disoriented, not eating. I called the abuse hotline and someone went out there and the new wife started taking him with her more but not every time.

Put on a poor old lady front for the investigator. The day after my grandfather passed, she was throwing his stuff out. She gave everything that was supposed to stay in the family to her step son and her other kids. The night he fell out of bed, the wife and hired help for yard maintenance put him back in bed when he knowingly hit his head the first time, had dry blood on his face when an ambulance was called for the second fall not even an hour later.

This woman has already sold the house and has a lawyer to take the rest. When I reached out to adult protective services, the first time, they were supposed to keep him safe. I have copied the pages and I will be helping my father with these simple steps.

He was tricked many times by someone that I never liked and never trusted. This man only came to my father when no one else was around… sick and sad! I too went through this. I had no clue what was happening, as my mother was starting to act like I and her friends were enemies. I know when mom had been cremated without my knowledge and all her belongings gone forever, and her car stolen, that woman on her bank accts, and on a Will that is totally proven as forged now, I had to come after the crook.

The crime ring is paying for it, while I meanwhile pretty much have lost all I saved for decades. My brother was married to this woman over 26 years ago for only 2 years. He remarried and was married to his 2nd wife for21yrs. She passed away. About 2yrs. Ago I won a case for my my mom. She received a large amount of money. When we found out the courts favord the claim, my ex sister n law whom is no relation to us started hanging around my mom.

Later I found out that mom had been paying her bills. Mom died Feb. She was supposed to have had a stroke , the death certificate has cerebral hemmorrage. She had a mild heart attack and mini stroke a few weeks before. Both times she was with Pam the ex wife. For the past year and a half mom was getting really bad bruises on her. After my mom got the money Pam ke poo t ansewring her phone saying she was taking naps etc.

When I would say I was on my way down there Pam would become angry and demand to know why I need to come see my mom. I got pissed. To make this long story ,shorter… It seems somehow her inscuance was called and I had payed it in January. Now I found an investment firm that was opened or transfers in or My mom went and rented this witch a place to live.

I believe she bought her an RV. What do I do? I believe Pam was abusing my mother and hit her when she died. She also put my mom on life support Wich was against her wishes. They also had Pam as next of kin. My mother has been approached to sell her property in South Carolina for pennies.

She is 87 years old. I am concerned. That she is being victimized. Thanks for your help. What a remarkable string of stories. Since there is little recourse and few people actually care I appreciate being able to share my story, not only as an odd form of comfort and solidarity but also as a warning to those reading who may have the opportunity to stop this before it gets out of hand.

In May of last year my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only a few months to live, dad had already been gone for a number of years. We had never talked much about what would happen after mom passed but we were all aware of a will she had. The will was pretty simple and straightforward essentially splitting assets evenly four ways between my daughter her only grand daughter, GD , younger sister YS , older half-brother HB and myself.

The assets were relatively modest; a small home, new car, bank accounts and perhaps a CD or other type of investment. Funeral expenses and other bills were to be paid up front. As a result she subsequently placed YS in charge although the will remained the same. We came to see her on weekends and any other chance we had to spent as much time as possible with her while we trusted YS with her financial affairs and obligations.

Mom rapidly deteriorated and in late September she passed away. We helped go through things and pack. Much of the home contents went home with YS while other stuff was donated, given away or otherwise disposed of. The home had some repairs and was listed for sale. I was bothered by that but felt powerless to do anything. We waited for news about the estate……….

I discovered the other day early in August that the house had been sold three months ago. At that point I was pretty upset and tried to get some information from YS only to get snide remarks and smug comments. At that point I knew it was time to start checking into things and try to find out what was going on. It turns out that YS never even filed the will with the probate court.

Now she is lord and master and none of us have any idea what her intentions are. I need to know who I can call because my mother is lying about watching my great grandmother and not taking proper care of her please find me a number I can call …. Iam going through this in oak hill, ohio and i need help. This is a big conspiracy that has been going on through generations. I feel. Like my ex husband william charles and brother spencer has hurt people i love and their families all around me and now iam heather ramse tackett by citizenship and face iam not.

I feel like iam princess diana. Can someone please help me. I have an old bible that was my father woodson ramsey gave to me and its the holy bible jkv that says william and heather from my uncle tommy ramsey and sheila kuhn. The entire state government is a network of cronyism. I certainly do not mean to advise anyone to do or not do anything, but people should be aware of the actual consequences of reporting or litigating elder exploitation. Many states mandate the reporting of suspected abuse to authorities and attorney disciplinary bodies pretend to enforce rules of professional ethics.

Do not assume any laws or rules will be enforced. Do not expect confidentiality but do expect retaliation. Heads-up that a dog walker in Lincoln, California ingratiated herself into the life of an elderly man that he ended up passing away and his will designated her as the sole heir.

He lives with his mother and quotes bible scripture. So, that makes him okay per the elderly woman. Adult Protective Services failed my Mother. I was then banned from ALL contact with my Mother. I reported to APS and provided them with copies of credit card statements. APS believed the 3 perps over financial documents. Three months after Mom was forced into nursing home the ex-sibling owns her home.

I want to sue APS, the attorneys the perps hired to represent Mom. Have a 68yr old sister liver failure Has a friend I believe has convinced my sister to give her money to buy a house in which this person put mortgage in her nieces name. They have subverted the Trust and have never paid her. It was to end on spouses death. Well over a million dollars she has lost so far. I need help finding a lawyer that will help pro bono for the time.

He was in the early stages when a so called friend asked if she could stay with him for 3 months until she could find a place. After 3 months she moved in her boyfriend. Now she is taking over everything. I noticed at first she would do things with him, After about 6 months I noticed that she was having other people her brother doing things with him. Painting rooms and the outside. She changed the whole yard. She started to say it was her house. He ate in his room, had a dvd player that he was stuck in front of all day.

All this time her and her boyfriend would sit out back smoking weed and getting drunk. Sh told neighbors that she was his daughter and that her boyfriend was his caretaker. He asked her to move several times. He found out that when he was with her brother she was going through his room getting rid of important papers.

She was also listening to his phone calls. Done for now someone please help. Bottom line the guardian and executor to distribute find funds after the fact of her passing was the corporate the c corrupt… Also hiding under the guise behind the guise of the Stanford Ponzi scheme. Thanks you for your kind comments. Has anyone else had experience with this? Should we be worried? What do you do if your parent accuses you of abuse and calls the authorities on you?

What do I do when I suspect fiancial exploitation of an elderly parent? My sister stole my dad's money. What can I do about it? Ask a Question. Post Question. Assisted Living Memory Care. Independent Living Home Care. See My Results. In GO. I'm a senior care specialist trained to match you with the care option that is best for you.

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Proving elder financial exploitation Thank u in advance for any help. The only hope I have is cfpb that is now investigating. Elder financial abuse and elder financial exploitation can be hard to see sometimes. Run a background check. Popular Questions How can I get mom to stop sending money to mail-in sweepstakes? I live quite well without anything from her, never have asked for anything or expected it along with my other brother. The assets were relatively modest; a small home, new car, bank accounts and perhaps a CD or other type of investment.
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Proving elder financial exploitation Credit Cards. Researchers have found that the older persons who are most likely to be financially exploited through undue influence share one or more characteristics. How was it not one single person named in that trust was not notified of all the large sums of money going to one person, in such a short time frame. Visit DoNotCall. Lied I took my parents to doctors when I good and well pleased. Its 30 minutes away from the house. Should we be worried?
When beyond meat ipo Do not assume any laws or rules will be enforced. Every family has various needs depending on their circumstances and resources. A study found that African American elderly reported higher rates of financial exploitation than non-African American respondents Both times she was with Pam the ex wife. If the situation is more complex, such as the victim sending large sums of money to a scammer, it can be harder to recover. I went to the hearing. These people are often seen as being more trusting than others.

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Proving Elder Financial Abuse in California

How to Identify and Report Elder Financial Exploitation · Sudden changes in their bank accounts, such as adding new names onto accounts and cards. Extensive withdrawal from monetary accounts · Increased or altered spending habits · Someone added to. A starting point in understanding financial exploitation is to review the elder abuse or adult abuse statutes in your state. The most common.