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Another word for financial

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It is set daily based on an average of the rates set by major banks around the world. You pay back your mortgage by making monthly payments. British a metal container in the wall of a bank that you can put money into when the bank is closed. British a small book showing the amounts of money that you put into and take out of your account in a building society. British a piece of paper on which you write information when you put money into a bank account. British an instruction that you give a bank to take a particular amount of money out of your account on a particular day, usually each month, to pay a person or organization for you.

A direct debit is a similar arrangement, except that the amount can change and is decided by the person who you are paying. Free thesaurus definition of general words relating to banking from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. Open Dictionary. General words relating to banking - thesaurus.

APR noun annual percentage rate: the percentage that a bank makes you pay in interest when you borrow money from it, calculated over a period of one year. BIPS noun bank internet payment system: an electronic system for making payments by moving money directly into a bank account over the internet. CHIPS noun clearing house interbank payment system: an electronic system for making international payments in dollars and for changing money from one currency to another. Libor noun London Interbank Offered Rate : an interest rate at which banks can borrow from one another.

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synonyms for financial · commercial · economic · fiscal · monetary · banking · bread-and-butter · budgeting · business. synonyms for finance · banking · business · commerce · economics · investment · accounts · money · financial affairs. Synonyms for FINANCIAL: dollars-and-cents, fiscal, monetary, pecuniary, pocket; Antonyms for FINANCIAL.