best restaurants in financial district ny
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Best restaurants in financial district ny safe strategy for forex

Best restaurants in financial district ny

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Despite the high price tag and incredible food, Odette manages to offer a laid-back and comfortable ambiance. Located in Santiago, Chile, Borago offers avant-garde cuisine made from extremely local ingredients. Everything is fresh and local, from the shellfish, veggies, and seaweed on the menu to the bottles on the wine list. Diners love the course tasting menu, complete with wine pairings. End of Summer tomato? Like many other spots on this list, Borago is booked up months in advance so making reservations is key.

Le Bernardin in Manhattan is a seafood spot with a luxe reputation and three Michelin stars. After all, many people are clamoring for a table at one of the best restaurants in New York. Cosme is so much more than your average Mexican restaurant. Chef Enrique Olvera plays with classic Mexican flavors and gourmet cooking techniques to create a cuisine all his own. Some signature dishes include duck carnitas, lamb belly tacos, and a corn husk meringue for dessert. The setting is super modern and urban, with a slick industrial feel.

Cobia al pastor. To get to Ultraviolet , diners first have to get on a bus. However, while those 10 people are there, they are in for an unforgettable dining experience. Projectors add color and movement to the tables and walls, and surround sound speakers and scents accompany the meal. Quintessence in the house! Big thank you to Chef Kishida for dining with us quintessence uvbypp paulpairet 3michelinstars lesgrandestablesdumonde asia50best worlds50best worldsgreatestplaces shanghai.

The food is an adventure in itself. Diners can expect a course meal in addition to the entertainment at Ultraviolet. NEXT: On the other end of the spectrum, these Italian brothers make simple food that tastes incredibly good. While some top restaurants earn their spot on the list for innovation and invention, Le Calandre in Rubano, Italy takes a simpler approach.

Some house specialties include the crispy buffalo ricotta and the mozzarella cannelloni with tomato sauce. Our mouths are watering just reading the menu, so how do we get a table? While some reviewers noted that there were empty tables at lunch, for dinner you should call a few weeks in advance.

Narisawa is the brainchild of Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa. Located in the wealthy Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo, Narisawa offers natural and organic cuisine that looks out of this world. Working bees??? The abalone with young bamboo and Botan shrimp are other favorite dishes. They literally cut your bread wearing white gloves! The menu changes seasonally, to best display fine food at its freshest.

Diners might see caviar in buckwheat crepes or incredibly tender grilled swordfish cross their plates. Modern Melbourne restaurant Attica outranks every other restaurant on the continent. Chef Ben Shewry has been delighting guests at Attica with his playful, contemporary, and uniquely Australian flavors. One dish, Ten Flavors of St. The kangaroo meat and emu eggs are also very popular options.

Finger Lime and Sugarbag Honey. About that table, reserve it well in advance and be sure to arrive early when your lucky day comes. Geranium is a gourmet restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen with a clear view of the soccer stadium. Under the guidance of Chef Rasmus Kofoed, Geranium specializes in Scandinavian bites like razor clam with minerals and sour cream or yellow beets in smoked yogurt.

Each of the 21 courses is small, well thought out, and sophisticated. Michelin stars are earned each year, so today we give many thanks to our incredible team at Geranium for all of the hard work and devotion you bring to every service. Cheers to 3 and big congratulations to the current and new stars this year!

Visitors to Geranium are also welcome to tour the kitchen and meet all the chefs — a rare transparency in the sometimes mysterious world of fine dining. Of course, all this luxury comes at a cost. Located in Barcelona, Spain, Disfrutar takes enjoyment to another level. Disfrutar serves up molecular gastronomy in a bright, open setting with a distinctly modern vibe.

Standout dishes include frozen passionfruit ladyfingers, black cauliflower with coconut lime bechamel, and chocolate peppers with oil and salt. The crispy egg yolk is another very special Disfrutar dish. Expect to spend at least three hours enjoying yourself at Disfrutar, and prepare to spend some serious cash too.

This exclusive fine Japanese restaurant in Tokyo only takes reservations by phone. In Alba, Italy, Piazza Duomo makes delicious magic by combining two unlikely cuisines. Borrowing Japanese techniques and aesthetics, Chef Enrico Crippa brings together flowers, herbs, fruits, and veggies from his region to craft unique dishes.

Piazza Duomo is known for their Salad 51, a salad with 51 very specifically chosen ingredients, and their aubergine parmigiana. It has a formal dress code, and dinner can easily cost hundreds of dollars per person. Featuring incredible views of the city and a Wonderland-inspired dining room, White Rabbit is the luxe brainchild of Chef Vladimir Mukhin. Steirereck in Vienna, Austria has all the trademarks of traditional fine dining.

Steirereck is known and loved for their dishes like freshwater fish cooked in beeswax and pigeon with parsnips. The dining room at Steirereck is formal yet minimal and airy. Getting a table here does require some planning. Mexico City is a vibrant food town with many incredible restaurants to choose from. Chef Olvera has dedicated his Mexico City restaurant to creating a uniquely Mexican take on molecular gastronomy.

Grilled octopus with pickled carrots and baby street corn with ants are among the signature dishes at Pujol. It features tamarind mezcal margaritas and a broad wine selection. Blue Hill at Stone Barns serves up produce that was just picked that day with loving creativity and care. On their 70 acres of land, Blue Hill grows over types of fruits and veggies.

Its well-draining sandy loam soils combined with erratic Northeastern weather makes for exceptional vintage transparency. An early last frost and moderate spring rains created great root set. Cabbage sushi, oyster mushrooms harvested from the nearby woods, and grilled peaches are just a few of the vegetable-driven dishes that might come across your plate here.

Men are encouraged to wear a jacket to dine here, and guests are all treated to a tour of part of the farm. Named for a green herb native to Mexico, Quintonil offers hyperlocal cuisine. In an effort to cut down on the carbon footprint of his restaurant, Chef Jorge Vallejo cultivates a nearby garden, so many ingredients have to travel less than feet from the soil to your plate. Some signature dishes include charred avocado tartare and crab tostadas with radish and habanero mayonnaise.

I will say that the recipe seems to have changed a bit. It feels smaller and dryer than it once was. Still pretty good though. Their spinach feta pastry and Jerusalem baguettes are also especially fantastic. Jasmine Feng - Google review. Show 6 more. They also have a pretty extensive selection of other delicious foods like herring, salads, and dried fruits and nuts. The fish was excellent. The bagels were perfect.

There was definitely some patience required to deal with the crowd but the food is great and the ambience is super fun and old-school. Caroline Lu - Google review. Very cute deli serving bagels with a great range of fillings, from cream cheese spreads to different types of smoked fish.

The bagels were top notch and their salmon is amazing. They also sell canned goods, a few sweet treats and coffee. Rita - Google review. Fried chicken takeaway. Destination sushi spot for high-end omakase multicourse, chef's choice meals in spare digs. New Yorkers just get sushi! This place was amazing. The best sushi I have ever had by far. The omakase was a work of art and made me so happy. The chef was knowledgeable, friendly, and explained every piece of fish.

He was so attentive and passionate about his craft, he made our experience so memorable. The customer service was beyond excellent. We asked for drink recommendations and each drink we had paired perfectly with our sushi. Yazmin Gonzalez - Google review. Ok let me start off by saying that it truly is fresh quality sushi. My boyfriend took me here recently for my birthday and it was a really fun experience. We sat at the lounge counter and it was a cool seeing how everything is prepared right in front of you.

The service was also really good! I recommend this sushi place to anyone who wants fresh quality sushi and an overall fun michelin star restaurant experience! Sharon Collado - Google review. Traditional style sushi that focuses on bringing out the best of ingredients. Sushi was very delicious and was full at the end. Service was perfect and they were very attentive to the details.

Pricey but coming once in a while for special occasion will be worth. Fav- scallop and raw shrimp. Kevin Mok - Google review. Modern space offering self-taught pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri's inch, wood-fired Neapolitan pies. Juicy charcoal-broiled chicken comes in various forms, whether on its own with sides, in a pita, or on top of Greek salad. Other Greek specialties include gyro and souvlaki, and there are also American go-tos like a burger, chicken fingers, ribs, and mozzarella sticks.

Show 5 more. Show 4 more. The Aussies running this Midtown shop have provided a getaway for a neighborhood otherwise filled with Starbucks and Le Pains. Alongside flat whites and pour overs, the shop serves sandwiches, salads, and a behemoth of toasted banana bread with ricotta, berries, honey, and almond brittle.

Get the schnitzel sandwich or the always-solid avocado smash. A true culinary experience at breakfast time, you must try their eggs with chorizo or the eggs with spinach, both are from beyond. Another thing we recommend is its bakery, especially the banana bread, which makes its good coffee an excellent company. The morning experience in this restaurant could not be summarized only in the food but also in the service, from the moment we arrived at the restaurant until the moment we did not sit down and order, the service was first class, thanks to Jayson for the recommendations and forever have a smile for each of your customers.

We will be back! Miguel Sahid - Google review. Very delicious breakfast and one of my top recommendations in NYC. Besides the great food I also like the atmosphere. You see blue collar and white collar workers enjoying their food. Hollywood - Google review. I always come here for the coffee.

They have one of the best espresso base in this neighborhood. Niki - Google review. Korean barbecue restaurant. We found Jongro BBQ and were very happy we did! The aroma was a telltale of great flavors yet to be enjoyed! The cooked meat tasted so delicious being off the fire for mere seconds! This is the way to enjoy Korean grilled meats!

TomQnel - Google review. Fun experience for those trying Korean BBQ for first or second time. The cook the food for you right in the table, it was tasty. Per reviews, I agree, get the beef platter and marinated chicken.

They provide variety of condiments with the meal. Servers and waiters are extremely busy. Worthwhile restaurant to dine. Sigfredo Diaz - Google review. Great food! We went as a group of five, and had a great experience. The chicken was well marinated, and the pork was cooked very well. Macaroni salad was a plus but slightly bummed there was no cheese corn. Service was great! It was pretty cool and convenient to see them cooking and cutting the meat right in front of you. Would definitely come back again!

Ben Zhang - Google review. Vegetarian, largely gluten-free eatery following Ayurvedic principles in the Bhakti Center. Barbecue restaurant. Man, you're gonna love this place. Food is great, ambience is great, and prices are really good. My favorite sandwich was the brisket one, so tender and juicy, lots of flavor. I also tried the pastrami sandwich and the signature sandwich: John Brown Pastrami on rye with coleslaw and suisse cheese. Do the signature one, better than the regular one.

There's just one thing that bothers me just a little, you need a more consistent white bread, after 2 bites the sandwich felt apart. Still great food. Julian Macias - Google review. Staff was nice. Especially the lady tending the tables. Fries were well seasoned and nicely fried. Mac and cheese had good flavoring. But that's about it. Brisket was terribly dry. Shouldn't need sauce to make it good, but we had to in this case.

Even though cut right I didn't order ribs Don't think we'd go back there Rick Zavaleta - Google review. Spicy chopped beef was so good! So was the corn bread even if it was surprisingly the soft crumbly, almost-pudding-like kind. Not busy at all. Good and fast service. This cash-only East Village eatery serves up giant, juicy burgers for cheap in a kitschy setting. I think that you get the most bang for your buck for the burgers at Paul's da Burger Joint.

They restaurant offers a wide variety of burgers to it's customers. Mark's Burger Deluxe with Bacon. The staff was friendly and within a few minutes of placing our order and receiving our drinks, the food was ready. All three burgers were cooked to our liking and at the end of the meal our plates were cleaned. Now, I understand that some people are annoyed that the burgers are messy. But I would argue for what the customer is paying for, you would want a huge Burger. So, if you are ever in lower Manhattan and are craving a big juicy hamburger, think about stopping by Paul's.

HKN90 - Google review. Fresh food and very tasty The shakes are great and the burgers are fresh, but that doesn't mean there is any compromise on it's taste. Their is an option to choose what you want on your burger, or select a pre-planned style. All in all, this place is a great place to eat and has great choices. Would recommend to others. Swanger Boyles - Google review. A "hidden" gem in NYC.

One of the best burgers I've eaten! Really delicious NYC style burger, big juicy pattie but very tender, the bacon gives that crunchy feel, just great. The place is very nice and there are funny signs inside. The staff is very cool too. A must if you are in NYC. Mariano Levitan - Google review. Fast food restaurant.

One of our favorite summer burger spots in Brooklyn just opened a new counter-service location at Pier 17 in South Street Seaport. The new Mister Dips in Manhattan has the same griddle burgers and waffle fries as the original Williamsburg airstream, plus some new options like a blackberry buttermilk milkshake. Swing by from ampm, Wednesday-Sunday for a burger with great views of the Brooklyn Bridge. A comfy atmosphere attracts a laid-back neighborhood crowd to this cash-only pub famed for burgers.

For the next 2 nights we are offering Cucumber a la carte at the bar usually it is only offered on the tasting menu. I came here as a vegetarian with my meat eater boyfriend and we both had a wonderful time! First off the staff was so friendly and helpful. They wanted to help you understand the dishes and wines we were getting and everyone of them spent time with us rather than putting down a plate then rushing off. We got the wine pairing with our dinner and it was also well worth it!

I loved how we got a story of the wine maker with each glass too. As for the food? I love vegetables to begin with my boyfriend is much more picky. He is not a fan of carrots or celery but the dishes that has them here blew his mind they could make them taste so good. We came here as an anniversary treat but have decided we must come back every season to try the new menu. This place is a gem!

Sabrina Lingenfelter - Google review. I went to this restaurant twice on my recent solo NYC trip and I had such a nice experience. I really appreciate that they accept reservations for one and they made me feel very welcome. The food was so creative and delicious! They have a way to put vegetables in everything and have it taste amazing.

Even the dessert! Will definitely go again on my next trip to NYC. Thank you! Sharon Fehrmann - Google review. Great vegetarian meal. We had the fixed 5 course dinner with the wine pairing option. All of the wine pairings were very unique and complimented the food well. At some point I lost track and over-served myself, but not a bad problem to have. The food was fantastic and you could tell that a lot of thought went into each course.

John-Luke Sahlani - Google review. Counter-serve spot known for its Indian-inspired tacos with naan or roti bread instead of tortillas. All of the Indian and Latin mash-up dishes here are available for a takeout lunch or a sit-down meal inside their brick-walled dining room. One of our favorite breweries in the Catskills is collaborating with burger-and-milkshake spot, Creamline, on a brand new beer garden outside of Chelsea Market.

Starting Thursday, July 22nd, you can come for a new burger menu as well as over 10 different beers from Catskill Brewery most of which are difficult to find anywhere else in the city. Went for this cause it was pretty affordable. The shakes must be good with a name like Creamline.

They also serve shakes mixed with booze. But I think it's better to consume dairy and alcohol separately unless we're talking about traditional Mongolian fermented mare's milk. I skipped out on milkshakes for this trip. Went for a buffalo chicken sandwich and it was pretty good. Came covered in buffalo sauce and topped with ranch sauce and pickles. Fried Chicken was fresh, hot, and, tender. This can definitely hold its own against mainstream chicken.

Christian Foster - Google review. Classic American food is comfort food for me and that is exactly what Creamline is all about: American classics. The loaded cheeseburger, containing beer cheese with bacon and onion jam is delicious, but I must say, it is a bit pricey. Their waffle fries are also great with the right amount of crunch, but also a bit too expensive in my opinion as far as fries go.

They have a concise collection of other good American eats as well as milkshakes. Matt Mike - Google review. Maybe the price for 3 mini sandwiches is a bit excessive, as they don't fill up much, but they are definitely a great snack. Absolutely recommended, must try!

Alessio Zuccotti - Google review. The dish arrived from Southern Italy in the early part of the 20th century, and eventually, the NYC-style slice was born—inspired heavily by Neapolitan technique but cooked inside a coal oven. Had to come to experience what some say is the best pizza in NYC.

Arrived at p, short line. Managed to get one of the last reservations later that night at 10pm. Arrived around p to check in. Was seated around p or so since the last party was dragging their feet a bit. Remember to BYOB. We got a pie with shallots and mushrooms. The pizza is more traditional brick oven. Reminded us of pizzas in Italy. The crust is chewy and the ends are cracker crisp. I did think the pie was lacking some salt, but we usually get pepperoni and that brings the salt. Overall a very good pizza.

John Varkey - Google review. Was in New York for a few days, so I decided to eat at a number of pizzerie to see which was the best. Lucali was, by far, the best. I had to wait two hours for take-out, but it was worth the wait. The pizza was light, the dough had some good flavor development not nearly as much as Italian pizza, but good , and the cheese was tasty.

What put it over the top for me was the basil. Really enjoyed the pizza immensely. Marco Brown - Google review. The pizzas were amazing, were worth the wait, and live up to the reputation. We got there 2 hours before opening to get seated early. The servers were super efficient and set the pace perfectly. They brought out each item quickly, a min after we finished the first pizza the second one was fresh out of the oven sitting on our table.

Shim - Google review. This pizza shop and sandwich spot from Bayside has brought its tater tot-topped slices and loaded cheesesteaks to a new location in Astoria. Krave It is the kind of place you should go when you want a meal involving sunny-side-up egg on your pizza, a vodka pie with garlic knot crust, or a chicken cutlet sandwich smothered in honey sriracha.

The pizza tasted really good and it was well made - if I could only give a rating off the pizza , it was be 5 stars. Hands down. I just expected more for the price and the description. Samantha Velez - Google review. Best pizza I've had in a while - very unique!

So yummy! Delivery took ages via Postmates so just be aware and place the order before you're starving but well worth the wait. Jen H - Google review. Love this place! The pizza is awesome. My favorite is the pizza with chicken, sesame, and this spicy and seeet sauce.

And the employees there are very nice. Great place to go to. Definitely coming back again! Ashley Gibson - Google review. Italian restaurant. Old-school waiters set the tone at this longtime Italian restaurant and celebrity hangout.

The experience: Old-school Italian red sauce dinnerLittle Italy is one of the first neighborhoods that comes to mind for diners coming to visit the city for the first time. The historic hood used to be much bigger, and has now been whittled down to a few city blocks, with most of the classic dining establishments located on Mulberry Street. At spots like these, diners revel in Italian-American classics like lasagna, baked clams, chicken Parm, baked ziti, and meatballs, served with a heavy helping of nostalgia giant menus, red-checked tablecloths, tuxedoed waiters et al.

Indikitch offers an assembly-line experience akin to Chipotle, but with Indian ingredients. For each of the options, mains include chicken tikka, pulled pork vindaloo, paneer, lamb kofta, and grilled mushrooms. Restaurants Midtown East. Came for the tots, stayed for the fried chicken sandwich. But really though - I was seriously craving tater tots and looked up the nearest place, fully aiming to order just the tots because I was going to dinner afterwards. But my gluttonous stomach decided an fried chicken sandwich just sounded too good to pass up Turns out the shop tots were meh - very standard, possibly-previously-frozen-then-reheated nubbets with a dusting of parmesan or something or other powder.

The powder was weirdly kind of clumpy, didn't actually stay on the tots, and wasn't actually that flavorful. There is no need to go out of your way to get these tots unless you, like, really REALLY just have a soul-burning desire for potato cylinders. The fried chicken though, back up a hot sec. First off, this sandwich is massive - I have a pretty big appetite but no way could I have finished both halves.

The chicken is incredibly juicy and tender and while the skin isn't standout or anything, everything just goes together so well with the slaw and sauce. The bread is also toasted, buttery perfection. This is a sandwich you'll be happy you sacrificed a little of your waistline for. All in all, pretty stoked to come back and try more offerings.

Lisa Renee - Google review. Man o man, there was a wait but the young lady next to me said it was worth the wait. Well, she was completely correct. The only thing that I was dissatisfied about was that it took about 20 mins for my food. Everything was hot was hot and delicious. The Asian salad is an excellent buy. I will be ordering again from here, but I might use the app to order in advance.

Travis Dortch - Google review. I highly recommend trying. I absolutely love their honey mustard! I would love a bottle of it to take home. Their chicken tenders were a bit greasy, but sooooo scrumptious. The fries were pretty yummy too.

Walter Wilkerson - Google review. Caribbean restaurant. The place presents Cuban classics on a weekly rotating basis, along with some Dominican fare. But always available are Cuban sandwiches, bright red fricassee chicken, octopus salad, and lechon asado spice-rubbed roast pork.

Amazing place with fantastic Cuban sandwiches! Hidden away with a classic vibe. Had a Cubano sandwich and this was phenomenal. Also had the fried plantains with fried beans and rice - super tasty too but we thought they should have put more plantains on.

Great start to the day and better than a NYC bagel in our opinion! This is the spot! A hidden gem within the heart fo the city. The Latin cousine here is top notch well made.. I wont recommend any plate because everything here is good,juat need to check it out for yourself. Service was good, and attentiveness was also on point. Paul Pena - Google review. Incredible food.

Service was fantastic. So glad we checked this place out on our trip to NYC. Ladies helping us out were super welcoming to us as visitors. Glad to support this business. Maria Hernandez - Google review. Vietnamese restaurant. Decent place for Vietnamese food; everything was ok but nothing was spectacular. Good imitation but not quite authentic. Pho is the average that you can find in any Vietnamese restaurants.

The tacos are pretty crunchy, which I like. Cash only here, service was good but not very attentive. Linh Pham - Google review. Absolutely amazing. Definitely worth the drive from Queens. Karla C. The special pho is super savory and I love the broth!! Just a bit of spicy makes it special and addictive!

And their braised short ribs are amazing!

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The Best Places To Eat In The Financial District · The Spots · Crown Shy · The Fulton · Delmonico's · Pearl Diner · The Dead Rabbit · Hole In The Wall · Harry's. Financial District Restaurants ; 1. Pisillo Italian Panini · reviews · Quick Bites, Italian ; 2. Kuu Ramen · reviews · Japanese, Asian ; 3. Bill's Bar &. 20 Stand-Out FiDi Restaurants and Bars · 1. El Vez and Burrito Bar · 2. Racines · 3. Seamore's · 4. Augustine · 5. Joe's Pizza Fidi · 6. Keste Wall.