stony brook university financial aid
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Stony brook university financial aid

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The lender may require that you have a co-signer. Some may require that the co-signer is a permanent resident, others require US citizenship. Students are encouraged to review our preferred lender list. Global Excellence Scholarship - International students who are currently seniors in high school and have achieved a meritorious unweighted high school average are automatically considered for this four-year scholarship.

Scholarships vary based on academic qualifications. Office of Global Affairs. Visa and Immigration Services. Skip Navigation Search Text. International Students International students are not eligible for Federal or State aid.

Scholarships Global Excellence Scholarship - International students who are currently seniors in high school and have achieved a meritorious unweighted high school average are automatically considered for this four-year scholarship. You must maintain full-time enrollment 12 or more credits as a matriculated undergraduate student at Stony Brook University. If you withdraw from a term, enroll for less than full-time, or take one or more semesters off, your scholarship will not be renewed.

Summer terms do not apply as they are not scholarship eligible terms. You should go the HESC website www. Students who have submitted a valid FAFSA and who have also enrolled for summer classes will automatically be awarded a summer financial aid award package. Please see Summer Financial Aid for more details.

The Master Promissory note for Stafford loans can be completed electronically at www. We recommend that you wait until all of your term charges have been posted prior to applying for a Parent Plus Loan. This will allow you to make a more informed decision. Visit our parent web page for Parent Loan process. All requests to establish residency are handled by Student Accounts. You can read about residency requirements and download the residency questionnaire at: www.

Log into the Solar System. Click the appropriate Aid Year. Scroll to the term in question. Click View Scheduled Disbursements. Note: Scheduled disbursements display the earliest date an award can disburse. If the scheduled disbursement date has passed, and your aid has failed to disburse there is something unfinished that needs to be addressed. Please check to see if you have any To Do List items. Listed below are the common reasons that would impact loan disbursement.

You have not accepted the loan on the Solar System. You have not taken care of required To Do List items. You have not completed Entrance Counseling. You are not enrolled and attending at least 6 credits. Loan funds are disbursed to the University in two disbursements, one for the fall and one for the spring semester at the beginning of each term.

You must be enrolled at least half time 6 credits in order for any loan disbursement to occur. The Bursar's Office offers a convenient program for processing student refunds. Through direct deposit, they will deposit any student refund into the financial institution of your choice. Electronic deposits are secure, fast and convenient and you can avoid waiting to receive your refund check at the counter or in the mail.

At any point during the term you may edit or delete this direct deposit refund option. Refund checks are printed weekly. Refunds through direct deposit are processed daily. A great way to find a job is by attending the annual job expo. This event occurs the first or second Wednesday of the fall term.

Federal Work-Study is a form of need based aid. Since there is a limited amount of funding available, students are encouraged to file their FAFSA as early as possible. You should speak with a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss options. You may be eligible for a re-evaluation or an increase in your budget.

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It is awarded to matriculated students with financial need. Payment is owed to the school that awarded the loan. Interest on this loan does not accrue while you are in school and during your initial grace period. Repayment begins 12 months after you graduate or fall below 6 credits. Satisfactory Academic Progress is a requirement. The award amount depends on the availability of funds. Amount actually received depends on financial need, amount of other aid, availability of funds at school.

Continuing students who were awarded HPSL in the previous year must continue to provide parental information on the FAFSA and demonstrate low family income will be given preference when being considered for this program. Continuing students who were awarded HPSL in the previous year must continue to provide parental information on the FAFSA and demonstrate low family income to maintain the award each year..

Unsubsidized loans are non-need-based loans, and are available regardless of financial need. Students must be enrolled in a degree program with six or more credits to be eligible. First-time borrowers will be required to complete a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling before loan funds can be disbursed. The federal government does NOT pay the interest.

Interest begins to accrue as soon as the loan funds are disbursed. Students may choose to pay the interest that accumulates or have it capitalized — meaning, the interest will be added to the principal amount of your loan and additional interest will be based upon the higher amount. Paying the interest as it accumulates will reduce the amount of interest that must be repaid. Beginning July 1, , the interest rate is 4.

Beginning July 1, , the interest rate is 5. The loan origination fee for an unsubsidized loan that has fully or partially disbursed on or after October 1, and prior to October 1, , is 1. This fee will be reduced from the loan funds sent to the school. Repayment begins 6 months after you graduate or are no longer enrolled for 6 or more credits.

Payments are made directly to your loan servicer. Locate your servicer login. Graduate PLUS loans are available to eligible graduate and professional students up to the cost of attendance minus other financial assistance offered each academic year. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in 6 or more matriculated credits and not have an adverse credit history.

First-time borrowers will be required to complete a Master Promissory Note before loan funds can be disbursed. Beginning July 1, , the interest rate is 6. The loan origination fee for a Graduate PLUS loan that has fully or partially disbursed on or after October 1, , and prior to October 1, , is 4.

This fee will be reduced from loan funds sent to the school. Interest begins accruing as the loan is disbursed. Borrowers may choose to repay the interest monthly, quarterly, or have the interest capitalized. Repayment of the principal balance plus interest begins 60 days after the loan has been disbursed. However, the borrower can defer payments while that are enrolled at least half time six credits by contacting the loan servicer. If a Grad PLUS is denied: The borrower will receive notification from the federal government as to the credit decision.

Using student loans to finance your education is much less stressful if you are an informed and responsible borrower. Understanding when you repay, who you make payments to, what amount you must repay and how to make those payments is key to successfully making your loan repayment.

Some of this information is applicable while you are still an enrolled student and some will be more important for planning after you leave school. Knowing how the process works and the options available to you can save you time and money down the road. The grace period begins when you leave school or your enrollment falls below half-time 6 credits.

This loan enters repayment when the grace period ends. When the time comes, you will make your payment to your loan servicer s. Students currently enrolled in the Health Sciences programs, and Stony Brook students who are applying to any of the Health Sciences programs for the following fall have an opportunity to select housing accommodations in the spring.

Students newly admitted to the Health Sciences programs from other educational institutions will be given information on applying for on-campus housing at the time they are accepted. Housing is not guaranteed to transfers so applicants are encouraged to submit their request for housing as quickly as possible. An off-campus housing service is available to assist students in finding living arrangements off-campus.

This service maintains up-to-date listings of available facilities to rent or share in the area. It also provides useful information about leases, transportation, the community, and safety guidelines. For information visit Student Affairs. Campus Dining Services offers students many different dining venues as well as meal plan options.

For information about meal plans, rates, nutritional information, dining hours and other services visit Campus Dining. These include primarily the estimated costs of transportation to clinical facilities, books and other instructional materials, equipment, supplies and additional compliance related clinical or field expenses.

For information on text books, please click here. Students are advised to take advantage of the public transportation network that services Stony Brook University to travel both on and off campus. The Stony Brook University Bus Service, which provides transportation on campus, and Suffolk Transit, which provides service to all local off-campus destinations, are both available for students to utilize.

The Stony Brook University Bus Service is available free of charge and operates seven days a week throughout the calendar year. For specific schedule and destination information, please visit Transportation and Parking.

For students who travel to Stony Brook University via personal vehicle, limited parking is available in the Health Sciences, Hospital and Administration Parking Garages. A monthly Health Sciences Parking Garage card is available to qualified students for a fee, or students may park in the Hospital or Administration Parking Garages for a daily fee. Evening students may purchase a monthly evening Parking Garage card. Other surface parking options are available to students.

For more information please visit Transportation and Parking. All vehicles parked in surface parking lots must display a valid parking permit obtained through Parking Services. The University Police Motorist Assistance Program provides assistance with common personal vehicle problems such as battery jumps, locked-in keys and empty gas tanks.

For additional information on the University Refund policy, contact the Student Financial Services at Students who officially withdraw from Stony Brook University or reduce the number of credits for which they are registered may be entitled to a prorated refund of tuition or a prorated adjustment of tuition charges. Fee charges billed will not be removed or refunded after the first week of classes. For more information on withdrawals and refunds, visit the Student Financial Services.

For information on housing deposit refunds, visit Student Financial Services. For information on cancelling a meal plan, call or visit Meal Plan.

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Services · Phone: · Fax: Email: [email protected] ; RENAISSANCE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE · Phone: We at Stony Brook University are committed to providing our students with the assistance to explore all funding options available. We hope that the resources. Stony Brook offers a wide range of scholarships that recognize your previous accomplishments, and enable your future success. Explore the financial support.